Auntie’s 10K Mile Z31: 1985 Nissan 300ZX – SOLD FOR $30,000

May 2021 | Classifinds, Free For All Friday

Of all the models from the 1980s that have seemingly caught fire with collectors over the past few years, the Z31 chassis Nissan 300ZX is a car that is both growing in desirability while remaining relatively affordable for the moment. However, when you find an unrepeatable example – like one with under 10,000 original miles – has it matured enough to be worth big money? The seller of this pristine, low mileage example that lasted less than one week on Craigslist in May 2021 in Wheeling, West Virginia certainly hopes so, as he’s asking a heady $30,000 for the honor of owning his aunt’s time-warp coupe. This blows the Concours valuation listed in the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool of $18,300 out of the water, so the seller is certainly hoping to shatter market expectations if he gets his asking price. Given the listing was deleted in the past day, he very may have gotten an offer he couldn’t refuse.

When you see ads like this, you can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy that the seller has lucked into a decent sales commission for simply being the one guy in the family interested in vintage cars. The description is short on details, but the Z31 300ZX continued the lineage of the 280ZX’s metamorphosis into a grand tourer rather than a razor-sharp sports coupe. While the original 240Z may be the benchmark all later Z cars are measured against, the truth of the matter is that most generations of Nissan’s flagship sports coupe were oriented towards high-speed cruising rather than a track car in street clothes. Even the turbocharged models, which began with the S130 cars and continued through the Z32s, were quick but not necessarily Miata-like in their moves. Because of this, naturally aspirated examples like this 1985 model never became collector car darlings like the Porsche 944 or Mazda RX7, two sports coupes you could drive in relative comfort but also use for high-performance driving events if desired.

The Motorweek YouTube Channel provides a RetroReview of this vintage of Nissan’s 300ZX Sports Car:

Though the listing is freshly deleted, the saved pictures above reveal that this standard-issue 300ZX is indeed a pristine specimen that hasn’t seen much in the way of actual use. The seller notes it’s been in storage since 1987, which suggests it was purchased as a weekend toy that was put away and driven sparingly since it was near-new. The listing does confirm the seller’s aunt is the original owner, and we can’t help but wonder what made her keep this classic Z car off the roads and under lock and key for all of these years, especially when it seems unlikely she was counting on a big pay day the way the owners of Pace Car Corvettes and other “limited editions” tend to dream. The asking price may be well above current pricing, but I suspect the seller is smart enough to know that a devoted Z car collector will be on the phone pretty promptly to hash out a deal that’s fair for all parties. Personally, I’d hold out for a 944, but it will be interesting to see if this barely-driven survivor ends up being flipped on a major auction site in the coming weeks. Keep your eye out and let us know if you spot it.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“My aunt is selling her 1985 300ZX with 9,250 original miles on it. She’s the original owner it’s been in storage since 1987. Runs great let me know if anyone is interested.

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  1. John Shaw

    Thats not a 300 its a 280, I had a 1982 280 and that it. Am I Nuts

    • Guys with Rides

      John, sorry to correct you but the car featured here is in fact a short-lived Z31 version that was an update of the 280ZX you are referring to. Nissan later launched the Z32 300ZX for the 1989 model year.

  2. Glenn

    Have a 1985 Nissan 300 zx 140000 Kms excellent shape all original. Non turbo 3 Litre. Great running car


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