I’m Exhausted 5: Get The Joke With This Pinto?

by | May 2021 | I'm Exhausted

Flames painted on the front of any custom ride are an art form in their own right. The owner of this Ford Pinto, however, took it to a new level with his unique design. Can you figure out the joke here…besides the fact he actually took the time to customize an early 70’s Pinto?  Some of our younger readers may not get it, so please comment below if you know.

Thanks to Lou Seiden for sending this in!

  1. Mike G


  2. JimmyinTEXAS

    This is the flame pattern after a rear-end collision and the gas tank exploded.

  3. Gino Horsman

    The Flames! The Flames! (said in my best “Tattoo” voice!) And yes, the reason that that you don’t see very many Pintos anymore, other than them being total piles of crap, is supposedly that the slightest tap on the rear end of the car would send it bursting into flames.

  4. Al Dente

    He just doesn’t know if he is coming or going!


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