Affordable Collectible: 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer – Sold?

Jun 2021 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Wagon Wednesday

July 6, 2021 Update – We just confirmed the listing for this “Classifind” expired, so with no replacement found we’re assuming this ride “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Normally, a Jeep Grand Wagoneer project is priced with the end result in mind, meaning there’s little consideration given to how much cash is needed to bring one of these old-school SUVs into restored condition. Fortunately, there’s a realistic seller in South Carolina, as he listed his 1988 Grand Wagoneer on Craigslist in June 2021 in Charleston, South Carolina with some maintenance work done but other issues noted as needing attention for the price of $8,800. Comparing this price against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms this private seller has his Wagoneer priced fairly based on current trends, as a truck in “Good” condition is valued at $22,900.

Grand Wagoneers are the ultimate nostalgia machine. So many people rode in them as kids, as they were the vehicle of choice for SUV-minded parents and grandparents in the middle 80s. They were all over Hollywood movie sets, too, as the quintessential “dad” car of the upper middle-class family. Today, the Grand Wagoneer has evolved into the vintage square body truck of choice for folks with some means, especially those who can afford to restore the whole truck from top to bottom to ensure it never breaks down in front of the oyster bar or yacht club. It doesn’t hurt that the predominant drivetrains used in these wood-sided rigs is incredibly reliable, and even if it’s not running, this is the kind of project that’s laughably easy to find parts for.

The seller notes he purchased this Grand Wagoneer for nostalgic reasons, as he, like many other Gen Xers and older millennials, can recall fond memories of riding around in the cavernous backseat before eventually using it to pass your driving test. The seller notes that the engine runs well but that the automatic transmission will likely need replacing soon, which should be a good bargaining chip to knock a few bucks off the asking price. No details are offered on what, exactly, the transmission is doing to cause it to be replacement-worthy, but finding a good used unit shouldn’t prove too challenging. The seller also notes the battery will need replacing, but that most of the rust spots have already been cut out and repaired. It’s unusual to find a project at this price point with the rust repair already done, but kudos to the seller for keeping his priorities straight. Good luck with the purchase if you take this project-grade Jeep Grand Wagoneer home.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“MEMORIAL DAY SALE!!! This is the ultimate Classic Jeep as seen in so many movies from the 80s and 90s. This is a 1988 blue Jeep Grand Wagoneer with wood grain. The title is clean and the engine runs well. The transmission needs repair and the battery likely needs to be replaced. Most of the rust spots have already been cut out and fully repaired. This was nostalgic car for me, as it was the same make and model as the one I grew up riding in with my dad. I purchased this thinking that I would have the time to restore it. Now this beauty will be a fun project for someone else with more time and with the same passion I have for this SUV. Please text or email me with any questions.

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