Fake 328: 1987 Pontiac Fiero Kit Car – $17,500

Jul 2021 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, NEW Award

Let the record show, there is no prejudice against kit cars on this page. Kit cars generally range from awful to surprisingly convincing, with a lot of vehicles in the middle. Cars like this Ferrari 328 replica, built around a Pontiac Fiero, don’t look half bad despite clearly being a fake. However, this car that was listed yesterday here on Craigslist in Sandown, New Hampshire is a case of expectations not aligning with reality as the seller has listed it with a firm price of $17,500. There’s no price guide that offers a number range for a kit like this, which may be why the seller is simply swinging for the fences in terms of a sale price – but at the end of the day, swoopy body or not, it’s still a Pontiac Fiero underneath. If you’re undeterred by this revelation, contact the seller by calling or texting at (603) 289-7914.  When you do, please remember to mention you saw his Faux-ari featured here on GuysWithRides.com.

While original kit car designs are often quite sought after by collectors who prefer their hobby cars wear fiberglass, replicas of the replicas are a common side effect of these home-brew builds. That’s why we can’t say for sure if this one of the original kits built by Canadian George Fejer, who was celebrated worldwide for the high levels of detail and quality in the kits his company produced. He’s particularly known for making a killer Lotus 7 replica, and even set up an entire company called the Super Seven Sportcars Company, located in Newmarket, Ontario, with a dead-ringer replica powered by a Toyota drivetrain that was good for a run to sixty of under eight seconds. The Fiero-based Ferrari seen here isn’t offered with any details of its history, but internet research does confirm that George Fejer offered a high-quality kit in this same configuration.

Fejer-built models were known for their high-quality materials, meaning it likely feels far more like a real car than most of the Ferrari replica models that are out there. Hell, another company run by Fejer and his brother was known as Chinook, and that entity built Formula A cars for use in the Can-Am racing series and the Canadian Drivers Championship. Demand was high for a Fejer kit once again, so chances are this Ferrari replica at least won’t feel as much like a kit car as other offerings would. The seller, however, is still likely off by a few dollars in terms of market value, especially since this Ferrari replica is far from perfect and has rust in the Fiero floors. The air conditioning doesn’t work, nor does the temperature gauge or the tachometer. So, it will have some issues that need attention when it moves onto the next owner, but the seller contends he still drives if often with no issue – would you put on your aviator shades and drive this kit car with pride?

Here’s the seller’s description:

“For sale not trade 1987 Pontiac Fiero with a very nice FERRARI 328 GTB body kit. 4 wheel disc Brakes standard shift trans. A/C car (not working) Looks great from 10 feet. Has chips and cracks from driving. This Ferrari was not a garage queen she has been driven but well maintained. The only things not working are the A/C, the temp Gage, and the tachometer. The floors will need work rust (just the pans not suspension pick-up points or frame) That being said I drive it on weekends and it is a cool car. $17500 firm Please come and look and drive or send your mechanic.

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  1. Fake 328: 1987 Pontiac Fiero Kit Car – $17,500

    Kit car s are okay! We’ve added them to the New Hope Auto Show for the 1st time this year…the new class is called “Replicars”. Should be interesting.


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