Dedicated Driver: 1983 AMC Concord D/L Wagon – Sold?

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September 15, 2021 Update – We just confirmed the listing for this “Classifind” expired, so with no replacement found we’re assuming this ride “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

As most followers know, we like to say there is a story under every hood.  Among the better ones are people who have a committed long-term relationship with their daily driver.  After nearly a quarter-million miles and a relationship dating back to 1987, the seller of this 1983 AMC Concord D/L station originally listed in August 2021 on Craigslist in Bethelem, Pennsylvania (Allentown) for $3,699 as a very detailed one to share. Comparing that price against the Collector Car Market Review Online Tool confirms the seller has their Concord priced between this guide’s #4 “Fair” condition estimate of $2,500 and its #3 “Good” appraisal of $4,500.  Enjoy the seller’s detailed story about everything good, bad, and ugly about their soon-to-be-be former daily driver.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“This is a 1983 AMC Concord Station Wagon 2-wheel rear-wheel-drive vehicle that I have owned since December 1987 and has been my daily driver since that time. This car is equipped with power steering and power brakes. This car has just over 247,000 original miles and is on its third engine, a 1978 AMC Pacer Station Wagon 304 V8 with automatic transmission that was rebuilt and installed in 2004. This engine has approximately 100,000 miles on it and it does not burn or leak oil, as I have maintained it over the years. The automatic transmission was also rebuilt and installed at the same time as the 304 V8 installation. Last year the front seal on the automatic transmission started to leak very slightly, so I poured in a sixteen-ounce bottle of BlueDevil POUR-N-GO Transmission Sealer and the oil leak at the front seal stopped in about five minutes and has not leaked since then. The rear axle is the stock 6-cylinder unit with 2.21:1 ratio non-twin grip and this car is a nice cruiser. I have been able to obtain 24.6 miles per gallon at a steady 60 miles per hour on the highway using the two front barrels of the carburetor. The car has dual-exhaust with two catalytic converters and two stock mufflers. I replaced the mufflers and tailpipes two years ago, however, the catalytic converters and front pipes are from 2004 and they will eventually have to be replaced, as there are some small holes starting to come through to the outside surfaces of the pipes. The right and left front door outside rearview mirror adjusting mechanisms are loose and worn but could be tightened; two good used ones are included with this vehicle. The right front door hinge bushings and pins are worn but not to the point where the door does not open and close properly, however, they will eventually have to be replaced. I did replace the left front door hinge bushings and pins. I have performed all of the mechanical work on the unibody/chassis in the last four years as follows: automatic transmission filter and oil pan gasket, upper and lower ball joints and control arm bushings, idler and pitman arms, sway bar end link and main bar bushings, front gas shocks, 72 Javelin 360 2-barrel carb front coil springs, rear air shocks, front disc brake rotors, calipers, pads and hoses, rear brake drums, shoes and wheel cylinders, brake master cylinder, rear leaf springs, rear sway bar brackets and bushings, P195/75R14 front black-wall and rear white-wall tires with one-half to two-thirds of the tread left on them and mounted on 14 X 5 inch stock steel rims. I have installed 72 Javelin wheel covers, 80 Concord grille, 85 Eagle rear hatch door and 85 Eagle hood. Some of the rear hatch door glass horizontal defroster grids do not work, but most of the grids do work and defrost the glass. I also installed two left 85 Eagle doors that happened to be the same blue color as the 83 Concord and I replaced the front fender DL emblems with 68-69 AMC 290 V8 engine emblems; the original DL emblems will be included. The car will, of course, need a paint job eventually. The 304 V8 when rebuilt and installed in 2004 was slightly modified with a.030” overbore, 401 V8 cam and 75-76 360-401 V8 intake manifold and Motorcraft spread-bore 4-barrel carburetor and requires 89-octane fuel to run efficiently; the engine will ping using 87-octane fuel. The battery is three years old and still good. The gas tank has been reconditioned and coated inside. I have replaced all engine belts, hoses and filters and flushed out the cooling system and filled it with traditional green antifreeze. The engine oil and filter have been replaced in the last week using 6-quarts of Castrol GTX 10W40 weight oil because of the extra capacity oil pan installed and an original AMC filter, along with a complete front end grease job. The engine was tuned up last year. The air conditioning does not work and will have to be repaired. The heating system and all gauges and instruments are in proper working condition. The AMC AM/FM/Cassette radio works, however, the volume will go static if the knob is turned up too high and the right front door speaker does not work; the other front-rear three speakers work. The hood insulation has a hole in the middle and will have to be replaced but is still usable as is. As shown by the pictures, the interior head liner is sagging and will have to be replaced. The seat upholstery was done about fifteen years ago by the local Rayco shop and is not torn or damaged, just slightly faded in some areas. The rear cargo area blue plastic panels are faded and dry rotted but could be repaired and refinished. The rear cargo floor blue carpet is faded and worn. The rear cargo area roll-away cover right bracket is broken but there is a spare 85 Eagle bracket that will go with this vehicle. I installed an 84 Eagle 4-Door Sedan interior blue carpet that had the floor shift, where the opening is now sewn shut and is covered with a plastic accessory tray. There are some tears in the right front carpet due to a water leak that I have repaired and the blue carpet itself is faded. I installed a small sheet metal patch on the right front floor where the water leak had rusted the metal floor through. The rear hatchback door glass rubber seal has shrunk in length but does not leak. I have also shown the few rust spots in the rear quarter panels and inside the front portions of the rear wheel wells by the rocker panels. There is also some surface rust on the inside surfaces and edges of the doors, but it can be ground out, repaired and repainted. I have the front windshield moldings and black plastic fastening clips that are missing in the pictures. There is rust around the windshield perimeter where the moldings snap onto, however, the windshield does not leak and the rust can be ground out, repaired and repainted. Many new and used parts will be included with this vehicle such as numerous used 85 Eagle Station Wagon beige interior parts, used Concord right front fender and new reproduction door window channel and door side glass weather seals and used rear hatch door. I have not raced or abused this car and it is very reliable and can be driven anywhere. I am working on three other project cars and I do not have the time to finish this project. Any questions about this vehicle, please do not hesitate to ask.​

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