Real Red: 1963 Studebaker Champ Pickup – Sold?

by | Aug 2021 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Truckin Tuesday

September 13, 2021 Update – We just confirmed the listing for this Studebaker pickup “Classifind” expired, so with no replacement found we’re assuming this ride “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Saddled with a decade-old pickup truck design and hardly any capital to spare designing an all-new one, Studebaker engineers were quite an innovative team who cobbled together the Champ pickup launched in 1960.  This 41,000 original mile and full restored 1963 model originally listed in August 2021 on Craigslist in Hackensack, New Jersey provides a great example of these trucks. Currently asking at $21,900,  comparing that price against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms the private seller has their TR250 priced between this guide’s #2 “Excellent” estimate of $19,400 and its #1 “Concours” appraisal of $27,800.  Similarly, the  Collector Car Market Review Online Tool reveals the seller’s ask falls between this guide’s #2 “Very Good” estimate of $15,000 and its #1 “Excellent” appraisal of $25,900

Studebaker Launched its new Champ pickup in 1960 at a time when the company was hurting for money. Consequently, the company’s engineers had to come up with innovative ways to save money to update the ten-year-old previous model.  Ultimately, this meant using essentially the same chassis originally dating back to 1949.  While an entirely new cab was out of the question because of cost considerations, engineers realized the company’s new compact Lark body was about the right size and shape to suit the purpose. The engineering staff took a four-door sedan, cut it in half behind the front doors, and modified the front half slightly to fit the truck chassis. The only new sheet metal stamping required was the back wall of the new cab as the addition of a full-width cargo box, the Spaceside, was made possible by tooling Studebaker purchased from Dodge. Minor modifications for mounting the cab to the 1949-vintage truck frame were also made.  Engineers also used the Lark’s front-end sheet metal, but funds were allocated to give the Champ a new horizontal bar grille that delivered a “tougher” look.

This video posted on the Offbeat Motors YouTube Channel provides a nice history of the Studebaker Champ:

This is arguably the nicest Studebaker Champ we’ve come across since we started Guys With The best part of this truck is that it has been restored to as close to original as possible.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1963 Studebaker Champ Pickup, Restored, Looks like new, Nicely detailed engine compartment, No rust anywhere, runs great, only 41,000 miles, straight-six, 8-foot bed
Asking $21,900.

Show or go: what would you do with this restored Studebaker?  Comment below and let us know!


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