4WD Beater: 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon – Sold?

Sep 2021 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Wagon Wednesday

October 12, 2021 Update – We just confirmed the listing for this “Classifind” expired, so with no replacement found we’re assuming this ride “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Every now and again, we like to feature a car or truck that hasn’t achieved collector status yet but represents a great value as an entry-level project. This 1989 Toyota Corolla Wagon is a rare All-Trac model, which combines a five-speed manual gearbox with a center locking differential, making it a practical snow machine. The Corolla isn’t perfect – far from it – and was originally listed in September 2021 on Craigslist in Thomaston, Connecticut for $1,800 with 272,o00 miles and a variety of mechanical needs listed. According to the NADA Price Guide, the average retail on one of these four-wheel-drive wagons is $2,300, so the seller has accounted for at least some of his car’s flaws in the asking price. 

The All-Trac lineup, in general, was a pioneering moment for Toyota, as the company effectively brought four-wheel-drive to the mainstream, adding the advanced system to a number of vehicles, ranging from the Corolla to the Celica. While Subaru gets all the credit these days for being the predominant early adopter of all-wheel-drive (a title which they certainly deserve), Toyota actually beat them to the punch in a way because the company put it in everything from wagons to racy sports cars. That said, the All-Trac name never caught on quite like some of the other brands, and today there are enthusiasts hunting down cars like this left and right for the rare drivetrain components that can be swapped into more deserving examples. It’s hard to say whether this example should be parted out or restored, but the rust-free rockers likely make it worthy of saving.

The seller’s car has seen some use, and with an odometer reading approaching 300,000, it’s not a surprise it has picked up some dents and scrapes along the way. I have a somewhat personal connection to the Corolla wagon of this generation as my uncle let me borrow his a number of times. My most distinct memory was how it felt like it was held together with bubble gum and masking tape, yet I had no doubt the car would take me wherever I needed to go. The drivetrain just felt that stout, especially compared to the rest of the car. In the case of this rare four-wheel-drive Corolla, it seems likely that the body will dissolve long before the drivetrain ever does, and while the rockers are in great condition, rust in other areas is concerning enough that it should be repaired. The previous generation 4WD Corolla wagon is a touch more collectible than this era, but even with that in mind, it should still be saved and made into a reliable classic daily given the rust is not yet terminal. Good luck with the purchase if you bring this rare wagon home.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1989 Toyota Corolla All Trac AWD Wagon! 5 speed MANUAL transmission. Has 4wd with central locker, part of the alltrac family. Super super rare. Car is in passable shape, starting to rust out around the wheel wells and has a large dent in the rear driver back side. Rockers are solid, though. It runs, drives and stops as it is – even the e-brake works. Extremely reliable, but has its quirks. Can be driven home. It’s not perfect and will need some work, but an awesome base for an awesome car. Had plans for an ultra sleeper car, a few brand new parts. As far as I know needs the following: needs exhaust from cat back, window crank, key is temperamental when starting, dashboard has some cracks. $1800 pretty firm. Calls or texts only. Do not contact without the ability or intent to purchase and pick this up. Could be driven home. Eight60-Seven82-Zero311.

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  1. 4WD Beater: 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon – Sold?

    Came across your article looking for opinions of the value of these. I bought my 91 manual on eBay a few years ago with about 115k. Drove it home from MO to TX. It’s been a fun car. Gets lots of attention, including getting a sale offer in the Walmart parking lot during the first week. I’ll be letting go of it soon since I no longer have the room to keep it.

  2. 4WD Beater: 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon – Sold?

    Ended up here also looking for ideas on values. Have a similar 92 that was running great when last driven a few years ago now. The owner did a tune up but passed away not long afterward. This special rig needs a new loving home 😊.

    • 4WD Beater: 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon – Sold?

      Barb, please feel free to give us a call to talk more about possibly listing your ’92! Give us a call at (877) 468-6497.

  3. 4WD Beater: 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon – Sold?

    Hey there!
    Glad I found this post in a timely manner.
    Just picked up a one owner ‘89 all trac wagon with the 5 speed.
    132,000 original on the clock.
    I was actually searching for parts, shocks to be exact, which are hard to come by and even discontinued through Toyota.
    Not surprising given the age, but still curious how I can keep this baby on the road., it will need parts eventually..
    for now, new tires and she’s a champ!

    • 4WD Beater: 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon – Sold?

      Hey Rob there is an active AE95 Corolla Club on Facebook that can help you for shocks and parts.

  4. 4WD Beater: 1989 Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon – Sold?

    I have had a 1988 Camry LE all trac since it was new. Took it all over the sierras, and ina a blizzard, the engine has been replaced with a used Japanese engine ( dont know the milage but suppose to be around 30-40 K ), that was over 10 years ago. It stilll runs like a champ. I put on some new struts, ( which i had to get from the UK>)l Auto seat belts still work as does the air and heat,Its about time to get a new timing belt. i think Brakes are ok, Ther is a tiny bit of surface rust on the roof but exhaust system is clean and replaced with new..

    Tried to sell it several times, but no takers? not sure why as I priced it as recommended on Google. So I have kept it in storage but it needs smogging. willdo it next week, This is a fun rugged and reliable car and plows through,the snow.



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