1929 Ford Model A Open Top Pickup – SOLD FOR $24,000!

September 29, 2021 Update – The high bid of $23,300 was very close to the seller’s reserve of $24,500, so we’re pleased to report both parties agreed to $24,000 minutes after the auction closed.

Guys With Rides team is proud to present a reserve-style online auction on behalf of the private seller for this nut-and-bolt restored 1929 Ford Model A Open Top pickup.  Bidding opened Wednesday, September 15, 2021, and runs through Wednesday, September 29, 2021, at 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

1929 Ford Model A Open Top Pickup – SOLD FOR $24,000!

Final High Bid = $23,300

Seller’s Reserve = $24,500


1929 Ford Model A Open Top Pickup – SOLD FOR $24,000!

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From the mid-1910s through the early 1920s, Ford dominated the automotive market with its Model T. However, during the mid-1920s, this dominance eroded as competitors, especially the various General Motors divisions, caught up with Ford’s mass production system and began to better Ford in some areas, especially by offering more powerful engines, new convenience features, or cosmetic customization. Most importantly, Henry Ford’s stubbornness (perhaps arrogance?) to change caused the Model T’s market share to erode to the point he had to admit a replacement was needed.

Introduced for the 1928 model year, Ford’s new Model A came in a wide variety of styles ranging from basic coupes to pickups such as the example featured here.  The Model A was the first Ford to use the standard set of driver controls with conventional clutch and brake pedals, throttle, and gearshift. Previous Fords used controls that had become uncommon to drivers of other makes. The Model A’s fuel tank was situated in the cowl, between the engine compartment’s firewall and the dash panel. It had a visual fuel gauge, and the fuel flowed to the carburetor by gravity. A rear-view mirror was optional.  In cooler climates, owners could purchase an aftermarket cast iron unit to place over the exhaust manifold to provide heat to the cab. A small door provided adjustment of the amount of hot air entering the cab. The Model A was the first car to have safety glass in the windshield.  Model As featured a forty horsepower, water-cooled 201 cubic inch L-head inline-four. Transferring this power to the rear axle was a conventional unsynchronized three-speed sliding-gear manual equipped with a single-speed reverse. The Model A had four-wheel mechanical drum brakes.

This fantastic restoration was completed in 2015, driven 260 miles, and then barn stored. It was brought back out in 2019 to be refreshed and included in an estate with other Model A’s.  The body is flawless although there are a couple of very small chips, touched up, on the fenders but nothing that deters its beauty. Starts and drives beautifully.

To help you make informed bids, we’re providing a link to Classic.com, the analytics and search engine for the Classic Car market, that provides an interactive graph of recent comparable sales in the past two years. By clicking on the green dots, you can navigate to each comparable car sold as a way to help you make an educated bid on the car we are featuring for auction here:

If you have any questions about this 1929 Model A Open Top Pickup, please leave a comment below or feel free to call Rudy directly at 877-468-6497.  Thank you for looking and happy bidding!

  1. 1929 Ford Model A Open Top Pickup &#8211; SOLD FOR $24,000!

    Questions before bidding:
    a. confirm this is a open cab (convertible) – it appears to be however do not see any pictures
    b. location
    c. if reserve isn’t met – is there room for negotiation with the seller

    • 1929 Ford Model A Open Top Pickup &#8211; SOLD FOR $24,000!

      Hi JG,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      A. Yes, it is an open cab. The seller elected not to lower the top during the picture shoot, but it does fold.
      B. In the “Deets” table above, we note this Model A is currently located in Chester, New Hampshire.
      C. Like all of our auctions, if this truck does not meet its reserve price, we will move the listing to our “Rides Still Available” page. We cannot comment on pricing negotiation until after the auction ends.

      Happy Bidding!

      • 1929 Ford Model A Open Top Pickup &#8211; SOLD FOR $24,000!

        Great thank you for the quick reply.
        Clear for B – just wanted to confirm.


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