Bad Brakes: 1949 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible – Sold?

by | Oct 2021 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Topless Thursday

December 1, 2021 Update – We just confirmed the listing for this “Classifind” expired, so with no replacement found we’re assuming this ride “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Automobile manufacturers offered many convertible variants over the years. From a sheer styling standpoint, a few of those rise to the top of the list of rides we would add to our collection. One post-World War II example that makes our shortlist is the wood and metal-bodied 1949 Chrysler Town & Country convertible. We were more than pleased to come across this green example originally listed in November 2021 on Craigslist near Chicago, Illinois. While the seller reports their 1949 Town & Country convertible’s wood to be in excellent shape, they note the car is in need of brake repairs before being road-worthy again.

Comparing the seller’s current asking price of $34,900 against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms the private seller has their 1949 Chrysler Town & Country convertible priced five hundred dollars less than this guide’s #4 “Fair” (Daily Driver) estimate of $35,400.  More conservatively, the  Collector Car Market Review Online Tool reveals this private seller’s ask falls between this guide’s #3 “Good” estimate of $31,450 and its #2 “Very Good” appraisal of $43,500.

Chrysler first used the Town & Country nameplate for its top-of-the-line four-door, eight-passenger station wagon model introduced for the 1941 model year.  Following the end of World War II, the Town & Country nameplate returned for the 1946 model year but not in station wagon form, just a four-door sedan, and a two-door convertible.  The wooden body framing for these cars was made from white ash using mahogany veneer panels bonded to steel body components.  The average retail price was listed at  US$2,609 (about $35K in 2021 dollars) and production totaled 2,169 units.  By 1949, Chrysler phased out the sedan versions, leaving two-door convertible and Newport hardtop versions the last true woodie offerings by a domestic manufacturer.

This feature of a 1948 Chrysler Town & Country restomod might serve as inspiration on which path to take with the ’49 we are featuring here:

As iconic as the 1949 Chrysler Town & Country is, the desire for them continues to wane as the biggest fans of these cars age out of the hobby.  Consequently, values have seen a decline over the past five years.  With the wood on the example featured here in excellent condition combined with the hobby being much more tolerant of cars featuring patina’d paint, it appears not much investment is needed on this example to make it road-worthy again.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1949 Chrysler T&C convertible
see pictures and much more available
sold as is where is with no warranty or guarantees
Car is located near Chicago, IL
Wood is in excellent condition
car will need paint and brake system
solid car
will work with your shipper but again…brakes need work not road worthy
$34,900.00 cash or wire from US bank NO CHECKS​

Restore or drive as-is: what would you do with this Chrysler Town & Country convertible?  Comment below and let us know!


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