Turned Away By BaT? List With Us For Free!

Did you hope to list your ride on Bring a Trailer only to be turned away with no reason given? You are not alone.  You can read about other people’s experiences and comment about yours here in our main article.

While Bring a Trailer may have been your first choice, all is not lost!  As long as you are agreeable to a data-driven, market-correct reserve price, we will list your ride for free with proof you’ve been rejected by BaT.  With our ability to list your ride in days, not weeks, there’s a chance we can have your auction posted and your ride sold before BaT would have scheduled your auction.

Interested in giving us a try? Call Rudy today at (877) 468-6497 or please feel free to submit your ride here today.

  1. Chad

    Yeah, it is strange how selective BaT is. I was selling a mint, original, 1961 BelAir with only 47,000 miles on it and they turned it down. Yet since then I have seen them selling random stuff that isn’t anywhere near as interesting.

    • Guys with Rides

      Hi Chad, that you for your input. If you’re still trying to sell your Bel Air, we would love to feature it in an auction with such low mileage! Please reach out to Rudy today y phone to learn more about our process: (877) 468-6497.


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