GwR Success Story: Frank and His ’55 Chrysler Windsor

Dec 2021 | Guys And Their Rides believes there is a story under every hood and we love hearing about every one of them! We’re not just about auctions and that’s why we continue to provide complimentary Craigslist “Classifinds” six days each week to help our readers find great rides for sale.

As our latest example, Savvy GwR readers likely recall this 1955 Chrysler Windsor Roadster we featured in the summer of 2021.  Fellow reader Frank R. commented that he bought the car recently, so we encouraged him to share pictures of his new purchase.

Here’s what Frank had to say in his own words:

I bought the 55 Windsor from your previous article. Love the car, drives nice. So far, I painted it and updated the electrics. Trying to find a convertible top frame that is a close match and then it will all have to get modified to fit.

Thanks for sharing Frank and please keep us posted!

What’s your story?  If you have a story under your hood submit it on our Guys With Their Rides page today and when you do, we’ll send you free GuysWithRides T-Shirt along with some other free GwR merch!


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