Our Bill of Rights For Buyers and Sellers

Elevator Pitch (Short) Version

Detailed (Extended) Version

Here is our Buyer and Seller Bill of Rights designed to gain your trust using our website:

  1. A dealer-free, level playing field for private Buyers and Sellers

  2. Innovative technology we call a “Phone Number” to speak directly to the owners

  3. Auctions ready in days, not weeks or even months

  4. Pre-Purchase Inspections (“PPI”) at our expense, not yours

  5. A monitored platform designed with zero tolerance for “Shill” and “Chandelier” bidding

  6. A “Reserve Meter” showing how close the high bid is to the seller’s asking price

  7. “Set-it-and-forget-it” bidding automation bids for you up to your pre-set limit

  8. A system that doesn’t rely on end-of-auction time extensions for overvalued bids

  9. A free listing if your ride doesn’t sell at auction, only $99 when it does

  10. Low fees designed to give bidders more buying power and sellers higher proceeds