Bumps and Bruises: 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider – Sold?

Feb 2022 | Classifinds, Sports Car Saturday

There’s no denying that certain cars just exude style and class, even in slightly battered form. The Alfa Romeo Spider, affectionately known as the “Graduate,” is one such vehicle. Its looks are classic; they stand up incredibly well to the test of time. This 1987 Spider Graduate was originally listed in February 2022 on Craigslist in Rockville, Maryland as a bit of a project with some cosmetic damage and a clean title for $5,000. Comparing this price against the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms this private seller has taken into account some of the challenges his Spider presents, as the asking price is below the “Fair” grade value of $7,000.

The Spider goes back quite a ways, and the early incarnations remain the most desirable. It seems almost anything with a “boat-tail” is worth a boatload these days, and the earliest Spiders are no different. The styling changed over the years to address the need for new safety features, most visibly in the form of awful bumpers that seriously marred the classic Spider looks. Fortunately, by the time the later cars came around, Alfa had at least figured out how to incorporate the larger appendages more discretely, and the last years of the model were by far the most deceptive in terms of masking the elongated nose panel. Engine output remained fairly steady, which is to say this was never an overly powerful car; however, it was one wherein the sensations of speed were just as compelling as raw horsepower in terms of driving enjoyment.

The Altek YouTube Channel features this modern review and great driving shots of a similar 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate:

The seller’s car looks pretty killer on those period-correct five-spoke alloy wheels, and it definitely helps steer your eye away from the obvious collision damage to the fender. What is really tragic about this Alfa is the video link the seller includes to a YouTube clip made three years ago: this Alfa Spider was in very nice condition, and someone was clearly proud of it. It makes me wonder if the seller picked the Alfa up from an insurance auction, as the tell-tale sign of sitting in a salvage lot somewhere is the zip-tie around the steering column as a place to hang the keys from. The nose is banged up in multiple places, almost as if it went under a car in front of it while sitting in traffic. The interior and top still appear to be in excellent condition, but it’s a shame to see it sitting outside – these cars can rust without working too hard, so it should really be moved indoors. Despite the accident, the Alfa retains a clean Maryland title. Someone, save this Spider!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“These beautiful cars are a great collector at a really good starter price.

Here is a video of the car from 3 years ago: https://youtu.be/O_a9MKHFr20

The Good:
Graduate Model – New Convertible Top! -Great Set of Matching Tires & Wheels -Sport Exhaust -Interior is Stunning!!
Brand New Battery

The Bad:
The vehicle has body damage at the front end from an accident in 2021
Note that although the vehicle was salvaged from this accident, the MD title I have is clean (not rebuilt, not salvage). I am not sure on the details of how/why this happened.

Does not start right now – suspect a starter or starter relay issue

Comes with a clean and clear Maryland Title in hand.

Mileage is 89,206.”

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