Nicest One Left: 1998 Subaru Legacy L Wagon- SOLD!

by | Mar 2022 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Wagon Wednesday

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March 29, 2022, Update – We confirmed the seller of this “Classifind” deleted their listing, so we’re now able to call this one “SOLD!” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Few things feel better than seeing a decidedly average car that has been treated to the good life by its committed owners. Most consumers treat their daily driver like the depreciating asset that it is, relegating it to daily driver beater status within a few years of becoming a “used” car. This 1998 Subaru Legacy L wagon has somehow escaped this fate, originally listed in March 2022 on Craigslist in Southern California by clearly doting owners for $8,900. Comparing that price against the NADA Price Guide shows us that the seller is adding a reasonable premium for an example in such pristine condition, with the “High” retail listed at $5,175.

These days, Subaru is mostly known for its turbocharged sedans and hot hatches, with the burly Outback models coming in hot behind the boy racer specials. This was not always the case, as the company cut its teeth selling basic transportation with the added benefit of all-wheel-drive, a feature that was hardly commonplace when Subaru began making it standard equipment. The pre-WRX lineup was fairly sedate with the exception of truly memorable models like the XT Turbo and the SVX, and the company did well selling affordably priced sedans and wagons with all-season stability. Of course, Subarus do have a tragic flaw which is that its novel flat-four engines love to eat head gaskets, but it seems like most owners have learned to chalk this up as a minor downside to a car that can get through the worst Mother Nature has to offer without many other mechanical foibles.

Here’s an example of Subaru using actor Mel Gibson for their home market Japanese advertising:

You have to love finding a seller these days who tell the flippers to bugger off, as this listing makes it clear they’re not interested in sending their beloved Subaru along to the first buyer that comes along. It’s noble and appreciated, especially when it’s clear that this “L”-spec wagon was a fixture in the seller’s household since new. The paint appears to be in excellent condition and the same goes for the interior, which looks to be either a leather or a vinyl material that is an uncommon sight in a car mostly equipped with cloth seating surfaces. There are certainly some cosmetic flaws here and there, but nothing to get worked up over. More important is the recent maintenance the seller details in the listing, including a recent water pump/timing belt service, fresh brakes, and new spark plugs. The seller also confirms the automatic transmission works fine with no rough shifts or other unpleasantness, and overall, this looks like the kind of Subaru Legacy you want to own if a late-90s model has been on your shopping list.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“For sale is our well-kept 1998 Subaru Legacy L AWD wagon with 89k original miles in Dark Red Mica. This has been in our family since the very beginning and lovingly maintained ever since. It has never given us any problems beyond regular maintenance for which we have always used Subaru OEM parts. It has recently had new brakes installed along with a timing/water pump service, spark plugs, and a full-synthetic oil change with filter. The transmission shifts smoothly, no jerking or slipping, and the car drives straight (as it should). If you’re in the market for one of these classic Subaru wagons, I would say this warrants a look. They are very difficult to find.

No accidents, no leaks, no squeaks, no weird smells. Everything works as it should (power windows, power locks, etc). It has a clean title in my name with current registration. I am only willing to sell this private party. I am not interested in selling to dealers or car flippers. It’s important to me (and the rest of my family) that this goes to a good home.

If you have any questions or you’re interested in setting a time to see the car, you can call, text, or email me with a name and contact number so we can arrange it together.

I will be deleting the listing upon sale. Thank you.”

Survivor Subaru: when is the last time you saw a base model Legacy this nice?   


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