1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe – Sold Elsewhere

May 5, 2022 Update – The private seller communicated that he was able to sell this rare Thunderbird locally, so we thank him for the opportunity and wish him and the new buyer nothing but the best.

April 27, 2022 Update – The high bid did not meet the seller’s reserve price of $14,250, so we’ve moved this 1993 Ford Thunderbird SC to our “Rides Still Available” Page. If you are serious about buying Jaguar, you can click the blue “Buy Now or Make an Offer” button below to navigate to the bidding page where you can agree to pay the “Buy Now” price of $14,250 or enter a reasonable counter-offer we will present to the seller.

GuysWithRides.com is proud to offer this rare, all-original, full-loaded, 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe. We will offer this Super Coupe in an online, reserve-style auction on behalf of the current caretaker. Bidding opens Wednesday, April 6, 2022, and will run for fourteen (14) consecutive days ending at 6:00 PM Eastern time on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

This particular Super Coupe is one of 2,853 1993 models built with an automatic transmission and features every available option for that year. This rare, Rad Era Thunderbird currently resides in St. Catherines, Ontario which is roughly halfway between Toronto and Buffalo, NY.

American Buyers: If you are interested in buying this Canadian-based Thunderbird, GuysWithRides partnered with BorderBuddy.com, a company specializing in Customs Importation. By contracting with them directly, Border Buddy will make the importation a straightforward process.

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1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe – Sold Elsewhere

Current High Bid = $4,444

Ford launched the tenth generation Thunderbird in December 1988 as a 1989 model.  Developed on Ford’s new Mid-Size North American Project 12 (“MN12) the new Thunderbird featured a more aerodynamic body that was slightly shorter in overall length relative to the 1988 Thunderbird but had a nine-inch-longer wheelbase.

This generation is also notable for being the only generation that had exterior “FORD” badging of any kind, as Ford’s Blue Oval emblem graced the trunk lid. Traditionally, Thunderbird models lacked any kind of “FORD” emblems on the car.

The car featured four-wheel independent suspension, using a short and long arm (SLA) and a spring strut assembly in the front and multiple links in the rear, offering excellent handling and ride quality.  This setup was significant as it made the Thunderbird, the Lincoln Mark VIII, and the Cougar the only rear-wheel-drive North American domestic cars other than the Chevrolet Corvette to offer a four-wheel independent suspension at the time.

Engine options fell to only two for 1989 as Ford dropped the V8 option for the new Thunderbird. The base and LX models were powered by Ford’s 3.8 Liter Essex V6. Rated at 140 horsepower at 3,800 rpm and 215 pound-feet of torque at 2,400 rpm, many felt the engine was somewhat underpowered for a car that weighed over 3,500 pounds.

A more sophisticated, supercharged, and intercooled version of the 3.8 L OHV V6 was used to power the high-performance Thunderbird Super Coupe, also called Thunderbird SC for short. The Super Coupe could be had with a five-speed manual or the AOD 4-speed automatic. When running at the full 12.0 psi of boost, the engine produced 210 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 315 pound-feet of torque at 2,600 rpm.

Accompanying the more powerful engine, Super Coupes were equipped with a host of unique features underlining their higher performance demeanor relative to standard Thunderbirds. Among these were larger, 16 x 7.0-inch alloy wheels with high-performance tires, a Traction-Lok limited-slip differential, standard 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, speed-sensitive variable-assist steering, lower bodyside cladding, fog lights, and a stiffer suspension with adjustable shocks supplied by Tokico.

The private seller is the second caretaker of this 1993 Thunderbird Super Coupe who bought it from the original owner in Western Canada six years ago.  The seller reports their Super Coupe is completely original and all the features and options work to this day including the variable ride suspension, the factory stereo with power antenna, sunroof, and all the other power options. He also reports that the air conditioning system blows cold in the summer. He also notes that the car received some minor paint correction work during the original owner’s tenure.

Factory options include air conditioning, leather interior, dual motion power sunroof, adjustable air ride suspension, fog lamps, dual power seats with lumbar, and keyless security entry with remote
The seller reports that during his six years of ownership, he’s performed fluid flushes, installed a new battery, and added new factory Ford spark plug wires. The car has always been kept in indoor storage and features a recent full detail.
The seller reports the following defects currently. There is a small but repairable tear in the driver’s seat. While the tires pass based on tread depth, they are dated and age cracked and will need to be replaced. The undercarriage pictures confirm only minor surface rust on the factory’s non-coated areas.

The CarFax confirms this Thunderbird has never had any accidents or damage.  To review the CarFax, please click on the picture below. When finished, click on your browser’s back button to return back to this listing:

1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe – Sold Elsewhere

To help you make informed bids, Classic.com, the analytics and search engine for the Classic Car market, provides an interactive graph of recent comparable sales in the past five years. The graph shown below aggregates the data for 27 actual sales prices for similar tenth-generation Thunderbirds.  By clicking on the green dots, you can navigate to each comparable car sold as a way to help you make an educated bid on the car we are featuring for auction here:

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If you have any questions about this 1983 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe please leave a comment below or feel free to call Rudy directly at 877-468-6497.  Thank you for looking and happy bidding!

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  1. 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe – Sold Elsewhere

    I’ve had a 92 sc with a ford badge on the trunk also my 35th anniversary had it as well


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