Daisy: 1947 Mercury Eight Convertible – $8,100 RNM

May 25, 2022 Update – The seller just agreed to lower their Buy Now Price to $38,500.  If you are serious about buying this convertible, you can click the blue “Buy Now or Make an Offer” button below to navigate to the bidding page where you can to pay the “Buy Now” price of $38,500 or make a reasonable counter-offer.

May 18, 2022 Update – The high bid of $8,100 did not meet the seller’s reserve price of $42,000, so we’ve moved this 1947 Mercury Eight Convertible to our “Rides Still Available” Page.

Guys With Rides is proud to offer Daisy, this beautiful yellow 1947 Mercury Eight convertible. We are offering the car in an online, reserve-style auction on behalf of the private seller.

Bidding opened Wednesday, May 4, 2022, and will continue for fourteen (14) consecutive days ending at 7:00 PM Eastern time on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

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Daisy: 1947 Mercury Eight Convertible – $8,100 RNM

Current High Bid = $8,100

Mercury launched the second-generation Eight line for the 1941 model year with all-new styling and some engineering improvements. The Mercury now shared its bodyshell with the Ford Super DeLuxe and the wheelbase was expanded by two inches to 118.0 inches over the prior generation.  There were many chassis refinements, including improved spring lengths, rates, and deflections, plus changes in shackling, shocks, and an improved stabilizer bar, but the old-fashioned transverse springs were still used. The new body featured door bottoms that flared out over the running boards, allowing for wider seats and interiors. The car had two inches more headroom, two-piece front fenders, and more glass area. The front pillars were made slimmer and the windshield was widened, deepened, and angled more steeply. Parking lights were separate and set atop the fenders for greater visibility. Headlight bezels were redesigned.

In 1942 the Mercury Eight’s slender bullet parking lights were replaced with rectangular units placed high on the fenders inboard of the headlights. Running boards were now completely concealed under flared door bottoms. The instrument panel now features two identical circles for the speedometer and clock with gauges to the left of the speedometer, a glove compartment to the right of the clock, and a large radio speaker cover in the center. The grille looked more like that of the Lincoln-Zephyr and Continental. The “Eight” script was gone but an “8” appeared at the top of the grille center. Horsepower was increased to 100.  Mercury production for the short 1942 model year totaled only 1,902. Output was halted in February 1942 as American auto plants were converted to the exclusive production of war material.

A new grille was the most noticeable difference between the 1942 and 1946 Mercurys.  It had thin vertical bars surrounded by a trim piece painted the same color as the car. An “Eight” script now appeared down its center.  Styling changes were slight in 1947. The Mercury name was placed on the side of the hood. Different hubcaps were used.  The border around the grille was chrome-plated. The “Eight” script still ran down its center. There was also new trunk trim. More chrome was used on the interior and the dash dial faces were redesigned.  The convertible and station wagon came with leather upholstery.

The seller restored this 1947 Mercury Eight convertible for his wife a number of years ago.  As part of the restoration, the seller painted the car in Lacquer using the 1976 Jeep Sunshine Yellow.  That shade quickly earned the car the nickname “Daisy” which remains pinstriped on the trunk lid. Complimenting the yellow exterior is a tan Le Barron Bonney convertible top and a red and white two-tone leather interior also supplied by the same company.

Rather than restore the car to its factory original condition, the seller sourced and installed a number of period-correct performance upgrades.  To start, the 239 cubic inch flathead V8 features a Fenton dual carburetor intake. Scavenging the hot exhaust gases are a pair of Fenton headers emptying into a customer dual exhaust system featuring Smitty mufflers.  Transferring power to a Columbia Overdrive two-speed rear end is a three-on-the-tree-shifted manual transmission.

A Lemon Squad pre-purchase inspection confirmed this 1947 Mercury Convertible is in very good working order with only minor blemishes documented in the photographs.  The picture below contains the Lemon Squad Pre-Purchase Inspection completed and prepared on Monday, May 3, 2022, just prior to the start of this auction. To review the Pre-Purchase Inspection, please click on the picture below. When finished, click on your browser’s back button to return back to this listing:

Daisy: 1947 Mercury Eight Convertible – $8,100 RNM

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Daisy: 1947 Mercury Eight Convertible – $8,100 RNM

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If you have any questions about this 1947 Mercury Eight Convertible, please leave a comment below or feel free to call Rudy directly at 877-468-6497.  Thank you for looking and happy bidding!

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  1. Daisy: 1947 Mercury Eight Convertible – $8,100 RNM

    Interesting pre-war body design before they could re-tool and catch up with post-war changes.


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