Guess What Ride 44: Mustang Tail Light Sort

GuessWhatRide is the game designed to test your collector car knowledge.

Ford produced its iconic first-generation Mustang for ten model years (1964 1/2 through 1973) with only six tail light changes. The picture provided contains examples of six Mustang driver’s side tail lamps for the 1966 through 1971 model years. Which of the multiple choices correctly sorts the taillights by model year in descending order?

All correct answers were entered into a drawing to win one (1) P21S 10000C Auto Care Set– a $70 value! The contest is now open and runs through 11:59 PM Friday

Using the picture above, correctly sort the Mustang tail lights shown in descending order (newest to oldest).


While nearly eighty percent of the respondents correctly sorted the Mustang taillights, only 45% correctly sorted them in descending order.  Consequently, the correct answer was “AECDFB. Congrats to reader Jose M., whose email was chosen randomly among the cohort who chose the correct option.


Here’s the answer key:

Contest Rules:

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Only one entry per valid e-mail address.
  3. Offer valid only to residents of continental U.S.
  4. Only entries registered via the multiple-choice contact form in this post will be entered into the drawing.
  5. No written replies in either the comments on this website or from Guys With Rides’ social media accounts will be accepted.
  6. On Saturday, July 9, 2022, Guys With Rides will draw one winner from all of the correct entries.
  7. The winner will be contacted to obtain their snail mail address to have one prize to be determined.
  8. Immediate family and employees of Guys With Rides Exchange LLC, P21S are not eligible.
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  1. Anonymous

    GwR is a refreshing alternative to BaT and other auction sites which seem to cater mostly to the “deep-pocket” crowd. And I say that as a former freelance writer for BaT before they became an auction-only site.


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