Skyline Wagon: 1997 Nissan Stagea AWD – STILL $12,500

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September 14, 2022 Update – The seller just replaced their expiring Craigslist ad with a fresh listing. In it, the pictures, description, and asking price all remain the same.

Here’s one you don’t see every day: a Nissan Stagea wagon. While there’s a seemingly endless list of Japanese market vehicles that ambitious enthusiasts can import on their own or pay an agency to procure, most of the cars and trucks they seek out are known to collectors. A Stagea wagon, on the other hand, is an oddball we don’t hear much of despite having some interesting credentials. As the seller states here on Craigslist near Dallas, Texas, this is essentially a Skyline in long-roof form, owing to its shared drivetrain components. The seller is asking $12,500 for the wagon that has 50,000 miles and is in fair condition; there’s no direct pricing guide we can reference for a Japanese market model like this.  If you are serious about buying this recently imported wagon, you can start the conversation by calling (682) 319-2543.  When you connect, please remember to mention you saw their Nissan featured here on

The market for overseas models like this is a curious one. The Skyline GTR, Toyota Supras, and Alpina-built BMWs are popular choices with enthusiasts and any JDM truck models. When an enthusiast chooses to go after a more obscure model like this, I have to believe it’s because this is a car or truck they truly wanted above any other criteria that might affect someone’s judgment who is in the business of selling these cars for a modest profit. Performance, exclusivity, rarity, and other factors have less to do with importing a model like the Stagea versus just wanting to own something different. At the end of the day, it has a six-cylinder engine with all-wheel-drive paired to an automatic transmission, so it’s not unlike a Subaru Outback on paper – but it’s much more distinctive than yet another lifted Legacy wagon.

The That Dude in Blue YouTube Channel provides a nice overview of why the Nissan Stegea is highly desired among Japanese Domestic Market (“JDM”) enthusiasts:

The seller’s Stagea is like so many other imported Japanese models: shockingly clean for being just another used car, and with mileage so low you know you can drive it daily without much concern. That’s the best part, in my opinion, of buying a car like this: it checks all of the boxes of being a gearhead’s delight but without the penalty that often accompanies older European cars staring down years of deferred maintenance. While I find the “Skyline wagon” description somewhat unconvincing, I just like the fact that a Stagea is not what you typically see imported and that it’s a practical choice for someone seeking out an enthusiast model that can do it all. Plus, if you need a wagon right now, your standard used car with 50K on the clock is going for a fortune; this Stagea has all the reliability of any other late model Japanese car with low miles for well under $15,000. I never thought I’d see this day, but for once, the enthusiast car seems to make more sense than the mass production counterpart.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“Right Hand Drive 1997 Nissan Stagea Wagon. You don’t see these very often.
It’s all-wheel drive with a 4-speed automatic transmission and rb25de 6cylinder engine. It’s basically a skyline wagon. Was just imported earlier this year under the 25-year rule. I’ve added a touchscreen Bluetooth radio with a backup camera and all-new pioneer door speakers. New tires and fresh tint.

Cash only, no trades. The price is firm. Call or text to set up a showing. Serious buyers only, please.

JDM market forces: do you still find the forbidden fruit from Japan to be worth the effort of importing? 


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