Handy Hardtop: 2000 Porsche Boxster Base – SOLD!

by | Aug 2022 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Sports Car Saturday

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August 26, 2022, Update – We confirmed the seller of this “Classifind” deleted their listing, so we’re now able to call this one “SOLD!” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

When it comes to owning an enthusiast-grade car, maintenance is a factor that can live on a sliding scale. Some will tell you that it doesn’t, meaning you should never buy a sports car or other enthusiast-grade model without a healthy stack of receipts. There’s complete truth to this, so if you’re looking for a Porsche Boxster to add to your garage, sellers like this one that claim they’ve spent $50,000 on maintenance on this clean 2000 Boxster originally listed in August 2022 on Craigslist for $12,500 will likely provide you with the most trouble-free example. But sometimes, you can also justify rolling the dice a bit on a model that is available in very generous supply and could be cheaper to buy low, make the necessary improvements, and still be under asking price of a well-maintained car. At $12,500, the seller is still well below the average sale price of a Boxster, according to Classic.com, which pegs the going rate at $16,514. Is it worth buying the best of the best, given values have been fairly flat? Or should you reserve that sort of investment for a 911, even a 996, that will likely pay you back and then some in a few years? That’s the question in front of you with this 135K mile example that the seller labels “amazing.”

The HYENA Art Magazine YouTube Channel features this classic 2000 Porsche Boxster S commercial:

The seller of this Boxster seems fairly rigid in their description, especially as it relates to the condition. My issue with descriptions like these is that I’ve been there – trying to sell a buyer on the heavy maintenance that’s been done, all the while playing in a sandbox where most second- and third-hand Boxster buyers are looking for one to use as an occasional plaything, not a car they can drive across the country tomorrow. The list of recently completed maintenance is impressive, ranging from a new clutch, timing belt, valve cover gaskets, entire suspension and strut rebuild, replacement IMS bearing, and more. The seller notes the cosmetics are quite strong as well and the pictures seem to validate this, and it will come with the factory hardtop, a replacement soft top, and a tired-but-functional soft top that’s currently on the car. The tires have 50 percent tread life, and the only real demerit is that the air conditioning doesn’t blow cold. The seller is not wrong that a lesser car will immediately need $5,000 dropped into it, but the tough call will be paying for his car or spending $5,000 more and getting a driver-quality “S” package Boxster. Which would you choose: a beater Boxster, a highly-maintained non-S, or an S-spec car with needs?

Here’s the seller’s description:

“Please read the entire post before reaching out. I will take the post down immediately after the car is sold. If you are reading this, the car is still available. After years of amazing ownership, I am selling my Porsche Boxster.

The car has been amazing, and we are only selling as I have just bought my dream car – a 911, and sadly, my wife will not let me have 2 Porsche convertibles on our driveway. Frankly, she has a point.

The car has been maintained regardless of cost. Whatever it needs has been done – either at the Porsche main dealer or, more recently, at the shop independent Porsche specialist and/or local service centers. We have over $50k in workshop receipts, including a new clutch, timing belt, valve cover gaskets, entire suspension, and strut rebuild – you name it, it’s been done. The 1997-mid the year 2000 986 uses a double row IMS, so is not prone to IMS failure, but the IMS bearing was changed anyway when the clutch was done to the LN upgrade, so you are all set with that.

The exterior of the Boxster shows well, very well in fact. There are no real dinks or dents and no real scuffs to speak of – assume there are tiny stone chips in the hood and fenders, but overall I would rate the exterior at a solid 9/10.

The interior is above average. The seats show wear and patina and the leather is starting to crack. It is exactly in keeping with the age of the car. The remaining interior shows minor wear but is still in great condition. The stereo is a Kenwood with hands-free and Bluetooth and even works when the top is down as the microphone is next to the dash. The HVAC control display is pixelated, and a few bars don’t light up as they should. The AC needs a recharge and is currently not blowing cold (I use the car with the top down anyway!)

The soft top works as it should and is in good condition, less a minor blemish on the right rear of the window. I have a brand new soft top in a box that comes with the car – it will make a great Sunday afternoon project for those mechanically inclined. The current top does not leak so there is no pressing need to replace it – is only for cosmetic reasons.

The car comes with the original factory hardtop with the headed rear glass, which makes the car so versatile. You can drive the car all year round. To be honest, we keep the car garaged over the winter months, so often don’t fit it! Hardtops are hard to find on eBay, but do come up, generally around $2500 and up – so it’s a great addition to the car.

The car starts on the button, and the idle is smooth, even from a cold start. We use Mobil1 0W-40 and Bosch Filters. There is no excess oil puff at start-up. The plugs are Bosch OEM, and the coil packs are Beru OEM. The tires are matching Continental DWS with at least 50% life left. The rotors and pads are serviceable, also around half worn, and the pads are OEM ceramic. The braking is impressive, and there is no pulsating. Everything is dialed in – what you expect in a well-maintained Boxster.

There are a few Boxsters on CL, most are abused or not well kept. It is rare to find one with the right pedigree and background. This is indeed one of the few.

Price-wise, Boxsters are increasing in value year on year, and nothing under $10k does not need $5k dropped into it immediately. My Boxster needs nothing (well, an AC recharge if you wish!), but comes with a new VA Inspection and VA Emissions (good for 2 years), with the last service done less than a month ago.

In sum, this is a great Boxster for the top-down Sunday vineyard trips and the fun weekends away. The price is decent, the car is decent and you won’t find better any time soon. So be quick.

Cheapskate connection: would you pay real money for a base-model Boxster or hold out for a needy “S” car?    


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