Never Seen Winter: 1995 Toyota Celica Convertible – $4,500

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There are certain generations of a popular model you can consider a “sleeper” in the marketplace. Right now, Toyota has a few of them, as both the sixth-generation Celica and the A70-chassis Supras are woefully under-appreciated at the moment. The Celica in particular makes little sense as to why it’s not more sought-after given its close relationship with the styling of the Supra of the same era. The seller’s Celica is a convertible model equipped with the preferred 5-speed manual, and the GT badge means it has the larger dual overhead cam engine making 135 horsepower. You’ll find the 1995 Celica GT convertible here on Craigslist near Buffalo with a firm price of $4,500. Comparing that price against the model guide shows us that the seller is asking well under the going rate for one of these as the average sale price is clocking in at just over $10,647.

If you are serious about buying this high-miles but clean and stock Celica, you can start the conversation by texting the seller at (716) 866-7632.  When you connect, please remember to mention you saw their Toyota featured here on

However, this era of the Celica isn’t forgotten for completely backward reasons. For one thing, the Celica of the late 1980s was a much different car. All-wheel drive was an option, as was a raucous turbocharged powerplant. The flip-up headlights and proven rally heritage certainly didn’t hurt either if you were looking to slide into a sport compact car with some serious pedigree. The next generation of the Celica was a proven rally contender as well. Still, Toyota ditched the turbocharged All-Trac drivetrain in the United States despite making it available almost everywhere else. It’s a textbook case of how to make an iconic car lose all appeal among enthusiasts, who were still the target demographic for this model. Was Toyota worried about cannibalizing Supra sales? Perhaps, as GM certainly felt that same strain with the Buick Grand National and Pontiac Fiero knocking on the Corvette’s door in the late 1980s. Given the difference in price point, it’s no surprise that the Supra is the model that Toyota pushed to become a 90s performance car icon.

The MotorWeek RetroReview YouTube Channel features this test drive of the then new 1995 Toyota Celica convertible:

It’s rare these days that we find a modern classic with the same kind of backstory as a well-loved Lincoln Towncar: the seller notes he has driven this Celica all over the country, which helps to explain the over 200,000 miles on the clock. Still, to his credit, it doesn’t look like a car with those kinds of miles as the cosmetics generally appear to be better than fair. The GT was not a powerful spec, but it was still more robust than the entry-level model. The white paint and charcoal cloth aren’t eye-catching, and a black leather interior would enhance the eyeball appeal. Still, with this car’s mileage, there’s no guarantee it wouldn’t look completely trashed by now. The seller doesn’t detail its maintenance history, simply noting that the Celica has been in his family for over 10 years and will come with new tires. While I doubt this is a maintenance-hungry car, you’d still like to see some evidence of belt and fluid changes – but I wouldn’t let that stop me from checking this one out.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1995 Toyota Celica convertible 5-speed 214K miles. 2.2L 4-cylinder engine. Originally a Virginia car never saw a winter, rust-free. Runs and drives great. I’ve driven this car all over the country; fun, reliable, and fuel-efficient. It’s been in my family for 10+ yrs. The paint shines, and the top is leak free (some patches). New tires. Text me, and I will call you back. Price is firm.

Unloved sport compact: would you consider buying into an unloved era of a popular sports car?    

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  1. Vincent A

    I own a black 95 gt conv. With 172000 miles and it runs great. Similar story, 2 owners, well kept except for first owner had a lapdog and the dogs nails beat up the driver side door paint. Other than that the car is what you would expect for a 25 year old car. But runs great everything still works (top, ac, windows, heat). Even has the convertible boot.Fun car to drive, a steal at $1200.


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