One of a Kind Custom: 1962 Mack B-61 Pickup

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November 23, 2022 Update – The high bid did not meet the seller’s reserve price, so we’ve moved this vehicle to our “Rides Still Available Page.”  Click the blue button above or below to navigate to this ride’s bid page, where you can either select the green “Buy Now” button or place a realistic counteroffer in the “Bid” box.

Guys With Rides is very excited to offer Lot 162, a unique 1962 Mack B-61 tractor converted into a custom one-of-a-kind pickup truck!

Bidding opened Wednesday, November 9, 2022, and will run for fourteen (14) consecutive days ending at 6:00 PM eastern time Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

This 1962 Mack B1 Pickup resides with the builder in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area.



The Deets

Year: 1962
Make: Mack
Model: B-61
Location: Green Bay, WI
Mileage: TMU
VIN: 2034653
Exterior Color: Green & Black
Interior Color: Green Leather
Engine: 300 HP 366 cu in GM tall deck V8
Transmission: 3-Speed TurboHydramatic
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel: Gas

Current Bid: $3,900

American truck builder Mack produced its B model from 1953 through 1966 in various configurations ranging from school busses, fire trucks, and, most commonly, over-the-road trucks.  Mack outfitted B-Series trucks with either gasoline or diesel engines matched with a transmission that best suited the service requirements.  Despite all of the custom configurations available, Mack never offered a B-Series in a light-duty pickup version.

Originally an over-the-road hauler, the builder of this one-of-kind 1962 Mack B-61 first mounted the restored cab on a modern GMC 3500 truck chassis.  He then fabricated a custom six-feet-wide by ten-feet-long stepside bed complete with 1-5/16″ thick white oak bed boards (secured with stainless skid strips) and a functional tailgate.  Not just for show, the truck chassis features rear air bags, trailer brakes and a Class IV Hitch.

Powering this custom pickup is a GM 366 cubic inch tall deck V8 producing 300 horsepower and 377 foot-pounds of torque. Transferring that power to a 3:73:1-equipped single axle is a TurboHydramatic 400 automatic transmission.  The builder/seller notes their truck features new tires all-around.

The builder created this truck with both capability and comfort in mind.  In addition to power steering and power brakes, this truck features a custom air conditioning system for four-season comfort.  A unique heated new bench covered in a combination of green Naugahyde and black Houndstooth inserts provides driver and passengers comfortable seating compared to the original stock unit.  Other niceties include custom LED gauges, a backup camera, and an MP3 player.  New thirty-percent green tinted glass also features fresh window seals.

This one-of-a-kind Mack Pickup also features all-new upper and lower ball joints.  The seller reports the truck features all-new disc brakes in the rear, complete with stainless steel brake lines.

The seller provided over two hundred pictures documenting their one-of-a-kind 1962 Mack B-61 pickup. Please check out the gallery below to enjoy the quality of this truck’s build.

Exterior Gallery

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If you have any questions about this one-of-a-kind 1962 Mack B-61 custom pickup, please leave a comment below or feel free to call Rudy directly at 877-468-6497.  Thank you for looking, and happy bidding!

  1. Steve

    If I looked in my rearview and saw this monster, I’d pull off to the side of the road and let him pass!

    • Anonymous

      Actually there are a lot more people that think this truck is awesome than scary, you can’t stop for gas or park it anywhere without coming back out to a crowd milling around it and asking questions

  2. rmanaz

    It looks like you did a beautiful job with the build and it’s a very unique truck. I wish I would have made time to look at it when I was in Green Bay area this summer. Do you know what the tow rating was on the 3500 chassis? Also what’s the width and length of the inside of the bed?

    • Anonymous

      A regular C 3500 has a tow capacity of around 9,000 lbs. This one has a beefed frame and rear air bags with trailer brakes so I’m thinking more like 25,000lbs. Inside of beg is 6′ 1″ wide by 10′ long

  3. rmanaz

    And for the length and width I mean is it exactly 72″x120″ or slightly different. Thanks.

    • Guys with Rides

      rmanaz, we just spoke to the seller. The inside truck bed dimensions are 6′-1″ wide by slightly more than ten feet. The seller believes that between the steel reinforcements he added for the pickup bed, the airbag suspension, and the 3:73 gearing, the truck’s towing capacity is slightly better than what the original 3500 dually allowed. If you are thinking about using it for a fifth wheel setup, the seller believes you can rig it for that.


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