Bluesmobile: 2000 BMW M Roadster – Sold?

by | Dec 2022 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Sports Car Saturday

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December 30, 2022, Update – We confirmed the listing for this “Classifind” expired, so with no replacement found, we’re assuming this ride is “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Can a car stand out solely because of its color combination? Or could it possibly repulse a buyer for the same reason? As with this BMW M Roadster, anything is possible when a color scheme is distinctive enough. The M Roadster was offered in a variety of color combinations. While most car shoppers prefer a simple black leather interior, this M Roadster came with acres of blue leather, broken up by different shades of blue. While we make fun of 1980s cars for all being maroon inside, this isn’t much different. We spotted this M Roadster in November 2022 on Craigslist in West Palm Beach, Florida, for $25,000. Comparing that price against the model guide shows that the seller isn’t too far off, with an average sale price of just under $23,000.

The M Roadster is perhaps one of the last under-appreciated M cars left. The M Coupe, affectionately known as the “Clown Shoe,” has taken off in value, never to be seen for a reasonable price ever again. There’s good reason for this, primarily because it is an oddball and either pleases people or makes them sneer in disgust; any car that triggers a visceral reaction is sure to find its place in automotive history. Perhaps that’s why the M Roadster hasn’t rocketed off to the $50,000 tier in terms of recent sale prices like the M Coupe has, as it just looks good. It’s a plain-and-simple roadster body, taking the standard Z3 shape and making it a thousand times sexier with wider fenders and wheels. That said, it remains a sub-$30,000 offering pretty consistently, even with miles on the lower side.

The Men & Motors YouTube Channel features this test drive of the 2000 BMW M Roadster to see improvements had been made over the launch model:

Now, the one aspect of this assessment where the path begins to diverge is engine selection. The 2000s, like this car, have the S52 engine, which is what most E36 M3s are powered by. It is a terrific mill, with more than enough power and very receptive to performance modifications. But if you were to seek out an M Roadster or Coupe from 2001 to 2002, you would find the elusive S54 under the hood, which delivers even more power than the already-robust S52. Those cars will carry a higher price tag, but offerings like our subject car are a far better value considering the modest boost in performance that the later car gets you. This M Roadster wears a whole lot of blue inside and out, but that’s part of the experience if you want to own one of these special M cars, as a straight black interior is very hard to find. Miles are average on this one, so look for cooling system repairs and rear subframe work if you’re keen to buy it.

Here’s the seller’s description:

“2000 BMW Z3 M ROADSTER Nice Car, 3.2 engine 88,000 miles.5 speed Manual.”

True blue: can you live with one color in multiple shades – everywhere – if the car is otherwise a perfect fit?    


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