Sexy Silhouette: 1971 Jaguar XKE Series 2 Roadster – Sold?

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October 6, 2023, Update – We confirmed the listing for this “ClassiFIND” expired, so with no replacement found, we’re assuming this ride is “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

September 1, 2023 Update – The seller replaced their first (that we’re aware of) expiring Craigslist ad with a fresh listing.  While the pictures and description continue unchanged, the seller lowered their asking price from $87,500 to $85,500.

“The most beautiful car in the world.” That reportedly was Enzo Ferrari’s unconfirmed comment in 1961 when he first saw the original Jaguar E-Type at its debut in March of 1961. Not only was the Jaguar E-Type beautiful when new, but the car’s sexy silhouette has stood the test of time over sixty years later.  Jaguar produced the E-Type, also known as the XKE, in three distinct series between 1961 and 1974.

The Series 2 version, produced between 1968 and 1971, featured updates focused mainly on complying with new US safety standards.  The most distinctive exterior feature is the absence of glass headlight covers. Unlike many other European cars of the period featuring this design, Jaguar applied this design change worldwide for the E-Type.  Other hallmarks of Series 2 cars are a wrap-around rear bumper, larger front indicators and tail lights re-positioned below the bumpers, and an enlarged grille and twin electric fans to aid cooling.  Another U.S.-inspired change included a steering lock that moved the ignition switch to the steering column, thus eliminating the push button starter. Finally, Jaguar engineers replaced the symmetrical array of metal toggle switches with safer plastic rockers as well as a collapsible steering column to absorb impact in the event of an accident. Redesigned seats feature integrated head restraints.

This restored British Racing Green 1971 Jaguar XKE Series 2 for sale, first spotted in August 2023 on Craigslist in North Tonawanda, NY (Buffalo), features a fresh biscuit leather interior that complements the bare metal respray in Green.  The seller notes that their Jaguar features many new parts, including a fresh set of wire wheels.

Last offered for $85,500 (the original ask was $87,500),, the analytics and search engine for the collector car market, confirms the ask is above this guide’s six-month rolling results trend for similar Series 2 examples.  By clicking on the green dots in the graph below, you can get a sense of what comparable examples sold for recently:

As a second data point, the  Collector Car Market Review Online Tool reveals the seller’s ask falls between this guide’s #2 Very Good” estimate of $77,000 and its #1 “Excellent” appraisal of $107,000.

The 1971 Jaguar XKE Series 2 Roadster with the inline-six engine, also known as the Jaguar E-Type in the UK, is an iconic sports car that holds a special place in automotive history. The XKE was originally introduced in 1961 and quickly gained a reputation for its stunning design, exceptional performance, and advanced engineering.

The Series 2 Roadster retained the classic, timeless design that made the E-Type famous. It featured a long, sleek bonnet with distinctive twin cooling vents, a low-slung stance, and a graceful, flowing silhouette. The car’s aerodynamic lines, sculpted curves, and pop-up headlights added to its elegant and aggressive appearance. The Series 2 also received some updates, including a larger front grille, improved cooling, and safety regulations-compliant bumpers that blended in better with the overall design.

The interior of the 1971 Jaguar XKE Series 2 Roadster exuded luxury and sportiness. The cabin provided ample space for the driver and passenger, with comfortable leather seats and a wood-trimmed dashboard. The iconic wood-rimmed steering wheel, chrome accents, and Smith’s instruments further enhanced the car’s classic British charm. Despite its focus on performance, the Series 2 also offered some practical amenities, such as an adjustable steering column and air conditioning (optional).

The Series 2 Roadster featured a 4.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine. This engine was a carryover from the earlier Series 1, but it was equipped with a new Stromberg carburetor setup, which improved fuel efficiency and emissions compliance. The inline-six engine generated 245 horsepower and 283 lb-ft of torque. The car transmitted power to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual transmission, providing a thrilling driving experience.  Performance-wise, the 1971 Jaguar XKE Series 2 Roadster could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just over 7 seconds and achieve a top speed of around 150 mph (240 km/h), making it one of the fastest cars of its time.

The XKE’s handling was praised for its nimbleness and responsiveness. It featured independent suspension with double wishbones at the front and an independent rear suspension with coil springs, providing a comfortable ride and excellent road-holding capabilities. The four-wheel disc brakes offered impressive stopping power, ensuring the car could confidently handle its considerable speed.

The Jaguar XKE Series 2 Roadster continues to be regarded as one of the most beautiful and desirable classic sports cars ever made. Its combination of stunning looks, impressive performance, and refined engineering has solidified its place as an automotive icon. Collectors and enthusiasts still highly value well-maintained examples of the XKE Series 2 Roadster, and it remains a sought-after classic car to this day.

The Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube Channel provides a nice overview about the Jagaur XKE as well as some footage of what its like to drive one:

With its classic color combination of British Racing Green over Biscuit leather, this 1971 Jaguar XKE Roadster for sale features the most desirable color combination for these cars.  Knowing this example features a bare metal respray and floor repairs, we would ask the seller whether they can provide pictures of the restoration to get a sense of the quality of the work performed.  Jaguars can be temperamental cars, and this one is no exception, as the seller notes the clock, radio, and heater currently do not work.  While the first two items don’t bother us, we would address the heater issue before the fall driving season begins.

If you are serious about buying this restored E-Type, you can start the conversation by using the contact information provided by the seller in their Craigslist ad.  When you connect, please mention that you saw their Jaguar XKE featured here on Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1971 Jaguar series 2 XKE roadster. 4.2 liter 6 cylinder.

– Complete body-on-frame restoration completed in 2020.
– Stripped to bare metal with bodywork and new floor pans.
– New paint. British racing green
– Brand new Biscuit interior, boot top cover, and tan canvas top.
– Rebuilt carbs.
– New Stainless steel exhaust.
– New Brake rotors.
– New brake booster and master cylinder.
– 5 new wire rims and tires.
– Tune up, including points, condenser, and rotor.
– New clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.
– New aluminum radiator and fan.
– New fuel pump.
– New weather stripping around the whole car.
– Re-chromed all existing chrome.
The only non-working items are the clock, radio, and heater.
The car is in pristine condition and well taken care of. All documentation of the restoration and paperwork is included.
No trades.

Show or go: what would you do with this 1971 Jaguar XKE roadster for sale? Please comment below and let us know!


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