Cool Color: 1997 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Coupe 32K – SOLD!

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November 11, 2023, Update – We confirmed the seller of this “Classifind” deleted their listing, so we’re now able to call this one “SOLD!” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

October 21, 2023 Update – Just one week after posting a new listing, the seller elected to replace it with a fresh listing to keep it high in the search rankings.  The seller also elected to lower their asking price a second time by another two large to land at $21,500.

October 16, 2023 Update – The seller replaced their initial Craigslist ad with a fresh listing.  While the pictures and description remain the same, the seller lowered their asking price from $24,900 to $23,500.

Sift through any amount of Chevrolet Corvette classifind ads, and the most common theme sellers will pitch is that their ‘Vette is rare. Some claims are legitimate based on the numbers matching powertrain or other rare options. The vast majority, unfortunately, make us roll our eyes.

One exception is the 1997 Corvette.  1997 was the launch year for Chevrolet’s fifth-generation Corvette, often called the “C5.”  Launched in January 1997, Chevrolet only made a total of 9,752 C5 Coupes during that shortened model year, well below the typical 20K the company produced annually by that point.  Breaking that limited production down by color shows that Fairway Green, with only 155 examples produced, was the rarest Corvette color for 1997:Cool Color: 1997 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Coupe 32K – SOLD!

We’re pleased to report one of the 155 Fairway Green Corvettes is now available. The seller of this Fairway Green 1997 Corvette for sale, first spotted in September 2023 on Craigslist in Reno, Nevada, can legitimately call his C5 Corvette rare. In addition to the extremely rare yet striking color, this 1997 Corvette only has 32K original miles. According to our sources, Fairway Green was only available with a choice of either Black, Light Gray, or Firehorn Red. We could not find a source that breaks down production by exterior and interior color combination, but it’s safe to say this Car’s Light Gray interior is much harder to find, as most examples came in Black.

Last offered for $21,500 (the original ask was $24,900),, the analytics and search engine for the collector car market, confirms the ask is above the six-month sales trend for similar 1997 Corvettes.  By clicking on the green dots in the graph below, you can get a sense of what comparable examples sold for in the past rolling six months:

As a second data point, the downloadable 2023 Old Cars Price Guide Big Book confirms the seller’s ask falls well above this guide’s #1 “Excellent” appraisal of $17,500 for a completely stock example.  The premium requested here is for the extremely rare color combined with the ultra-low mileage.

The year 1997 marked a significant turning point in the history of American sports cars. Chevrolet, the iconic American automaker, introduced the fifth generation of its legendary Corvette model, known as the C5. The 1997 Chevrolet C5 Corvette was not just a car; it was a symbol of American automotive excellence, blending cutting-edge technology, stunning design, and formidable performance. In this article, we will delve into the details of this remarkable vehicle and explore why it became a game-changer in the world of sports cars.

The 1997 C5 Corvette was a departure from its predecessor, the C4, in terms of design. While the C4 was undeniably futuristic and aerodynamic for its time, the C5 took a different approach. It retained the iconic Corvette look but with a more refined and modern twist. The C5 featured sleeker lines, improved aerodynamics, and a more aggressive stance. Its bold front end with pop-up headlights and its unmistakable profile made it an instant head-turner on the road.

However, the most significant design change was the move from a fiberglass body to a hydroformed steel frame with composite body panels. This reduced weight and enhanced structural rigidity, resulting in improved handling and ride quality. The C5 blended classic Corvette styling with a contemporary touch, setting the stage for future generations of this iconic sports car.

One of the defining characteristics of any Corvette is its performance, and the 1997 C5 did not disappoint. Under the hood, it featured a new 5.7-liter LS1 V8 engine with 345 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. This powerhouse engine was mated to a six-speed manual transmission or an optional four-speed automatic, giving drivers the flexibility to choose their preferred driving experience.

With this impressive powertrain, the C5 could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, making it one of the quickest cars of its time. Its top speed was rated at 175 mph, a testament to its high-performance capabilities. Chevrolet’s focus on aerodynamics and weight reduction contributed to the C5’s remarkable performance figures.

The C5 Corvette also introduced several technological innovations that enhanced its handling and driving dynamics. It featured an independent rear suspension system, a first for a Corvette, which improved ride comfort and handling precision. The Active Handling System, an electronic stability control system, was also introduced, helping drivers maintain control in challenging driving conditions. These advancements made the C5 a more accessible sports car for a wider range of drivers, from enthusiasts to those seeking daily driving comfort.

While the 1997 C5 Corvette was undoubtedly a high-performance machine, Chevrolet also paid attention to the interior to provide a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. The cockpit was designed with the driver in mind, featuring a driver-focused layout with easy-to-reach controls and supportive seats.

Notably, the C5 was one of the first Corvettes to offer a heads-up display (HUD). This innovative feature projected vital information, such as speed and engine RPM, onto the windshield, allowing the driver to keep their eyes on the road. The C5 also featured a premium sound system, dual-zone climate control, and a host of other amenities that elevated the overall driving experience.

The 1997 Chevrolet C5 Corvette left an indelible mark on the automotive world. It revitalized the Corvette brand, solidifying its premier American sports car position. Its combination of striking design, powerful performance, and innovative technology set a new standard for sports cars in its era.

The C5’s success paved the way for future generations of Corvettes, including the C6, C7, and the highly anticipated C8, which introduced a mid-engine layout. Each of these models is built upon the foundation laid by the C5, further advancing the Corvette’s reputation for performance and innovation.

The 1997 Chevrolet C5 Corvette represents American automotive ingenuity and engineering excellence. It represented a new era for the Corvette, blending timeless design with modern technology and exceptional performance. Its impact on the sports car industry was profound, setting a high bar for competitors and captivating the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. The C5 Corvette will forever be remembered as a game-changer in American sports car history, and its legacy continues to thrive in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts.

The MotorWeek Retro Review YouTube Channel features their 1997 launch review of the then-new C5 Corvette:

Looking beyond the rare and fantastic color combination, this 1997 Fairway Green Corvette for sale is a well-optioned example with only 32K miles. Based on the seller’s description, it appears to be well-maintained, but you’ll need to verify how long they have owned the car and whether they have documented maintenance records for the car that will be included with the sale.

If you are serious about buying this Corvette, you can start the conversation by using the contact information provided by the seller in their Craigslist ad.  When you connect, please mention that you saw their Fairway Green C5 Coupe featured here on Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“If you want this beauty, call me.
Yes, you read correctly, an extremely rare Fairway Green 1997 C5 Corvette ….. only 155 were produced in 1997 !!!
And they were only made for two years – 97 and 98.
Babied to the max, spent its entire life in the garage! Never sat outside at any time!
Senior Citizen-owned car collector = and it really shows.
Automatic Transmission.
One of the most sought-after and hardest to get! Especially with the grey leather …. most had black, the grey is so much better!
It has the removable targa top that is beyond easy to remove = so much nicer than the flimsy canvas top, and much sportier looking! You have the best of both worlds: the sports coupe look and convertible all in 1!

This baby is a blast to drive and gets more compliments than any other vehicle I have owned, and I have owned all of the coolest out there: Mercedes SL, Jaguar, Acura NSX, Porsche, and even Ferrari! This one gets more people loving it – than any other!

When you get in this baby, nothing else matters …. all is right with the world. Ha ha …. it’s that fun to own.

So if you want this extremely rare Beauty, and you have the cash money real quick and easy, then call, no BS or timewasters of any kind …. just be a straight-up real buyer … I don’t put up with any NON- sense … Thank you, phone calls only.. too many Damm scammers by text and email, just call so we both know it’s the real deal, common sense and easy – right !

Show or go: what would you do with this Fairway Green 1998 Chevrolet C5 Corvette for sale? Please comment below and let us know!


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