Select Sixty? 1988 Buick Reatta 16K Survivor – Sold?

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April 4, 2024, Update – We confirmed the listing for this “ClassiFIND” expired, so with no replacement found, we’re assuming this ride is “Sold?” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

Of all the Craigslist ads we peruse daily, nothing is more satisfying than coming across a listing where the seller may not know what they truly have. For example, the seller of this Black over Tan 1988 Buick Reatta for sale, last spotted in January 2024 on Craigslist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida might be a very special car.  While this is example is already special as a 16K original mile one owner survivor, the back over tan color combination has us wondering whether this is one of the 55 “Select Sixty” Editions Buick produced for the car’s launch halfway through the 1988 model year.

Buick allocated the fifty five Select Sixty Editions, internally designated model X22, to it’s top 60 dealers who wanted one.  The Select Sixty editions featured a black exterior, tan interior, and a unique “Select Sixty” hood emblem.  Here are examples of the Select Sixty and regular Reatta hood emblems:


Unfortunately, the seller does not call out this car being a Select Sixty Edition and the pictures of the hood do not provide a close up of the hood well enough to confirm the badge. So our first question to the seller is confirmation of whether this car is indeed a Select Sixty Edition.  The fact the car has only 16K original miles and recently came out of a climate-controlled Buick collection has us wondering whether the car is much more special than what the seller indicates.

Last offered for $13,950,, the analytics and search engine for the collector car market, confirms the ask is at the higher end of this guide’s six-month results for all 1Buick Reatta body styles produced between 1988 and 1991.  By clicking on the green dots in the graph below, you can get a sense of what comparable examples sold for recently:

As a second data point, the  Collector Car Market Review Online Tool reveals the seller’s ask falls well above this guide’s #1 appraisal of only $7,000.

Buick launched the Reatta as a “Premium Two Seater” Halo Car for the 1988 Model year. Based on a shortened version of General Motor’s (“GM”) E-Platform, the car only lasted four model years. Despite offering the car in both Coupe and Convertible body styles, sales totaled under 22,000 units during that four year span, leading Buick to cancel the car before the 1992 model year.

Coinciding with launch of the Reatta, the 1988 Select Sixty edition was a limited-production variant of the introduced to commemorate Buick’s 85th anniversary.  Select Sixty edition represented a pinnacle of sophistication and style in the Reatta lineup.

At the heart of the Buick Reatta Select Sixty was its powertrain. The car was equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 engine that delivered a respectable 165 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque. This engine was mated to a four-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth and efficient power delivery. The Select Sixty edition featured front-wheel drive, a characteristic shared with the standard Reatta models.

In terms of performance, the Buick Reatta Select Sixty offered a balanced driving experience. The V6 engine provided ample power for spirited acceleration, and the automatic transmission ensured a seamless transition between gears. The front-wheel-drive configuration contributed to the car’s stability and handling characteristics, making it well-suited for both cruising on highways and navigating city streets.

The exterior design of the Buick Reatta Select Sixty showcased a blend of classic elegance and modern styling cues. The car featured a distinctive two-door coupe body style, characterized by smooth lines and aerodynamic contours. The Select Sixty edition was offered exclusively in a rich Astral Silver exterior color, enhancing its exclusivity and visual appeal.

One of the standout features of the Select Sixty edition was its unique badging and special touches that set it apart from the standard Reatta models. The “Select Sixty” badges adorned the exterior and interior of the car, signaling its limited-production status and commemorative nature. The 16-inch alloy wheels with a silver finish complemented the overall aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to the car’s appearance.

The interior of the Buick Reatta Select Sixty was a showcase of luxury and attention to detail. The car featured a well-appointed cockpit with leather upholstery, providing a premium and comfortable driving environment. The front seats were power-adjustable, allowing drivers to find the perfect seating position for a personalized driving experience.

Technologically, the Buick Reatta Select Sixty was ahead of its time. It boasted a cutting-edge touchscreen control system, which was a rarity in the automotive landscape of the late 1980s. This system integrated various functions, including climate control, audio settings, and trip information, offering a glimpse into the future of in-car technology.

In terms of safety features, the Buick Reatta Select Sixty came equipped with standard features for its time. Anti-lock brakes provided enhanced stopping capabilities, and the driver and passenger airbags represented a forward-looking approach to occupant protection.

The production of the Select Sixty edition was limited to only 65 units, underscoring its exclusivity and collectible nature. Each car was individually numbered, adding a sense of uniqueness to every unit produced.

In conclusion, the 1988 Buick Reatta Select Sixty edition stands as a testament to Buick’s commitment to luxury and innovation. With its distinctive design, powerful V6 engine, and advanced features, the Select Sixty edition remains a sought-after collector’s item for automotive enthusiasts who appreciate the combination of style and performance that defined this limited-production Buick coupe.

The Library of Old Car Ads YouTube Channel provides this 1988 Buick Reatta 30-second TV commercial that gives perspective on how Buick marketed its innovative “Premium Two Seater:”

With only 16K original miles, this survivor-quality 1988 Buick Reatta is a special car just on its own merit. However, if it turns out to indeed be one of the sixty-five Select Sixty Editions produced that year, you will truly be buying something special.

If you are serious about buying what may be a very special special Reatta, you can start the conversation by using the contact information provided by the seller in their Craigslist ad.  When you connect, please mention that you saw their Select Sixty Survivor featured here on Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“1988 Buick Reatta sport coupe. With one previous owner and just 16000 miles, it is in excellent condition inside and out. Has a black exterior with original paint with a saddle tan leather interior that is like new. The Reatta was a limited production vehicle by Buick from 1988 to 1991 only. This one was kept in a Buick collection until recently when it was sold off. Kept in a climate-controlled warehouse. Runs excellent from the 3800 engine. The 3.8 Liter V66 engine is one of GM’s best, and you can tell just by driving this car. Runs perfect! It has all the standard options that came standard with this model year, all in good working order with the exception of the radio. The factory radio came with a cassette player, so an upgrade with Bluetooth and CD would make a great addition. If you have any questions, call J.C. he will answer as best he can.”

Show or go: What would you do with this 1988 Buick Reatta Select Sixty survivor for sale? Please comment below and let us know!


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