Swan Song: 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collectors Edition 13K – SOLD!

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March 2, 2024, Update – Just one week after first listing their NCRS-Quality 1982 Collector Edition Corvette for sale for $37,895, the seller deleted their listing, so we can now call this one “SOLD!” While this one got away, please reach out either by email or call us directly if you’d like to be informed when we come across something similar.

In 1982, $24,000 would buy you the equivalent of what $76,705 buys today. Paying my way through college at a local grocery store at the time, twenty-four large was a just bit less than the annual starting salary I would soon make as a degreed engineer. I remember of of this as one of my co-workers at the supermarket pulled up one beautiful afternoon in a brand new 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collectors Edition.

After parking the new car, my 18-year-old co-worker revealed his father has just purchased the car and since he lived only a few miles away, allowed him to drive it to the super market to show if off with the window sticker showing $24,000 still in place.  Unfortunately, I watched as that Collectors Edition Corvette, one of only 6,759 (i.e.one for every Chevy Dealer) was often driven hard and put away wet.  With no garage space, that Corvette suffered under a tarp in the harsh snow belt of Western New York and I slowly watched that car’s demise in just a few short years. I always wanted to buy that Collectors Edition, but it was just never in the cards for me.

Luckily, this 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collectors Edition for sale, last spotted on Craigslist in Dix Hills, New York (Long Island) in February 2024, did not suffer a similar fate.  With just under 13k original miles, this Collectors Edition C3 Corvette for sale is said to be a National Corvette Restoration Society (“NCRS”) 99-point car in addition to featuring much of its original documentation.

Last offered for $37,895, Classic.com, the analytics and search engine for the collector car market, confirms the ask aligns with this guide’s six-month results for all 1982 Corvette Collectors Editions.  By clicking on the green dots in the graph below, you can get a sense of what comparable examples sold for recently:

As a second data point, the  Collector Car Market Review Online Tool reveals the seller’s ask falls well above this guide’s #1 “Excellent” appraisal of $29,550.

The 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collector’s Edition stands as a testament to the culmination of a legendary era in automotive design and engineering. As the final model year of the third-generation Corvette, this special edition commemorates the heritage of America’s sports car while introducing several distinctive features that set it apart from its predecessors.

Powering the 1982 Corvette Collector’s Edition is a robust yet refined drivetrain. Under the hood lies the venerable Cross-Fire Injection (CFI) V8 engine, displacing 5.7 liters (350 cubic inches). This powerplant delivers a respectable 200 horsepower and 283 lb-ft of torque, providing ample thrust for exhilarating acceleration and thrilling performance on the open road. The Cross-Fire Injection system, featuring dual throttle-body fuel injection, optimizes fuel delivery for improved efficiency and responsiveness.

Mated to the potent V8 is a smooth-shifting four-speed automatic transmission, offering seamless gear changes and effortless cruising capability. This transmission configuration enhances drivability and ensures a dynamic driving experience, whether navigating city streets or tackling winding highways.

The exterior design of the 1982 Corvette Collector’s Edition exudes timeless elegance and commanding presence. Distinguished by its exclusive Silver Beige metallic paint scheme, this iconic sports car captivates onlookers with its sleek lines and aerodynamic silhouette. Complementing the striking paint finish are bold Collector Edition emblems and badges, proudly showcasing the vehicle’s limited production status.

Adding to the allure of the Collector’s Edition is its distinctive hatchback rear window, which provides both functional utility and visual appeal. This unique design element not only enhances rearward visibility but also contributes to the Corvette’s iconic styling identity.

Step inside the cabin of the 1982 Corvette Collector’s Edition, and you’re greeted by a harmonious blend of luxury and performance-oriented amenities. The sumptuous Silver Beige leather upholstery, accented by matching door panels and carpeting, envelops occupants in refined comfort and sophistication.

Ensuring an engaging driving experience is a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which provides a tactile connection to the road and precise handling control. Meanwhile, the ergonomically designed cockpit places essential controls and instrumentation within easy reach, allowing drivers to focus on the thrill of the journey ahead.

In addition to its timeless design and performance prowess, the 1982 Corvette Collector’s Edition incorporates several technological innovations that elevate the driving experience to new heights. Notable features include power-operated windows, mirrors, and door locks, which enhance convenience and functionality.

Furthermore, the Collector’s Edition boasts a premium Delco-Bose audio system, delivering exceptional sound quality and immersive acoustics. Whether enjoying your favorite music or tuning in to the latest radio broadcast, this state-of-the-art audio system ensures an unparalleled auditory experience for occupants.

The 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collector’s Edition represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence, combining timeless design, exhilarating performance, and advanced technology in a limited-production package. With its iconic styling, refined interior, and potent drivetrain, this special edition Corvette pays homage to a storied legacy while paving the way for future generations of automotive enthusiasts to experience the thrill of driving an American icon.

The Old Car Memories YouTube Channel features this modern day look back on what was a very expensive C3 Corvette when new in 1982:

Based on the pictures, this 13K mile 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collectors Edition for sale appears to be a nicely detailed, NCRS award-winning example that is collector-quality grade.

If you are serious about buying this C3 Corvette, you can start the conversation by using the contact information provided by the seller in their Craigslist ad.  When you connect, please mention that you saw their Collectors Edition featured here on GuysWithRides.com. Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s description:

“This is one of 6759 made. Clean car fax, like a new car. all stock NCRS 99 point car with tons of original paperwork. .Super clean drives tight.
To celebrate the departure of the third-generation Corvette, Chevrolet offered a “Collectors Edition” model. Unique vehicle identification plates were affixed to prevent Collectors Edition knockoffs. The 1982 Collector Edition Corvette Coupe carried a special VIN code (which could be used to uniquely identify a real car from a clone) represented with the number ZERO in the sixth digit. This Collectors Edition Corvette is one of 6759 produced, it is a three owner, completely stock, NCRS 99-point car showing just 12,893 miles and now offered for auction on Collector Chassis. It has a clear Carfax with no issues, a clear title and is in Long Island, New York. The Collectors Edition was finished in a special silver-beige metallic paint with graduated shadow-like contrast striping on the hood, fenders, and doors and tinted windows. It has special bronze-tinted glass T-tops and finned “turbine” alloy wheels like the ones first introduced on the 1963 split-window Stingray. It comes with four-wheel disc brakes and independent front and rear suspension. In addition to the glass hatch the Collectors Edition also featured many unique options that set it apart from other 1982 Corvettes. It featured cloisonne emblems – including a special crossed-flag emblem on the hood that read “Corvette Collector Edition” around the rim. Addition emblems were located on the rear deck, and steering wheel. This Corvette still wears the original tires since new. The Collectors Edition featured a 5.7 Liter (L83) 350 CID V8 with crossfire injection and 0-60 mph in 8.1 seconds. This Corvette has only 12,893 miles and is current on all maintenance.

Show or go: What would you do with this restored 1982 Chevrolet Corvette Collectors Edition for sale? Please comment below and let us know!


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