BaT Blunder: 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 10.3K Survivor – STILL $28,895

by | Mar 2024 | Craigslist ClassiFINDS, Free For All Friday

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March 30, 2024 Update – The seller replaced their last Craigslist ad that we are aware of with a fresh listing.  The pictures, description, and lofty asking price all carry over.

If you subscribe to all of the hype about Bring a Trailer (“BaT”), much of the automotive press will have believing Bring a Trailer sells every lot that website offers.  That is hardly the case. As long as BaT does not convince a seller to list their ride at no reserve, there is a chance a car will not meet it’s reserve price.  While 2021 and 2022 were banner years for classic car sales, especially in online venues, the back-half of 2023 showed signs of slowing down. Lower selling prices were also the result.

A prime example is this white 10K Mile 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC for sale, first spotted on Craigslist in Long Island in January 2024.  A little research on this 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC on Bring A Trailer confirmed the high bid of $25,750 did not meet the seller’s reserve price in August of 2023. The high bidder in that auction accused the seller of “Ghosting” him after the auction, but that’s another story.  Fundamentally, both BaT and the seller likely based their reserve pricing on what had happened with pricing one year prior with these cars.

Currently offered for $28,895,, the analytics and search engine for the collector car market, confirms the ask is now a bit too high for where the market is trending for these cars.  While several similar examples changed hands in the high $20s and low $30s in late 2022 and January 2023, not one example successfully broke the $20K mark for the balance of 2023 and so far in 2024. In a classic example of timing is everything, the seller should have read the signs and taken the high bid last summer.  By clicking on the green dots in the graph below, you can get a sense of what we are talking about:

As a second data point, the  Collector Car Market Review Online Tool reveals the seller’s ask falls well above this guide’s #1 “Excellent” appraisal of only $13,200. As a third data point, the Hagerty Insurance Online Valuation Tool confirms the seller’s ask falls between this guide’s #2 “Excellent” estimate of $19,900 and its #1 “Concours” appraisal of $29,100.  It’s clear from the three year trend graphs Hagerty provides is not accounting for the declining values in the past six months.

The 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC (Luxury Sport Coupe) is a classic luxury car that epitomizes the design and engineering prowess of its era. Introduced as part of Lincoln’s flagship lineup, the Mark VII LSC showcased a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. This two-door coupe, part of the Mark series that began in 1956, stood out for its sleek design, advanced features, and a powerful engine that appealed to enthusiasts and luxury car aficionados alike.

Under the hood, the 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC boasted a 5.0-liter High Output (HO) V8 engine. This powerplant was capable of producing 225 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. Paired with a four-speed automatic transmission, the Mark VII LSC offered a smooth and responsive driving experience. The engine’s High Output designation indicated a performance-oriented tuning, making it distinct from standard configurations. This powertrain allowed the Mark VII LSC to accelerate with authority, delivering a satisfying blend of power and refinement.

The exterior design of the 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC exuded sophistication and sportiness. Its aerodynamic profile featured smooth lines, a gracefully sloping roofline, and a distinctive front grille that embodied the classic Lincoln design language. The LSC variant, in particular, added sporty touches such as body-colored side moldings, a monochromatic exterior, and unique alloy wheels, setting it apart from its counterparts in the Mark VII lineup.

The suspension system of the Mark VII LSC was tuned for a balance between comfort and performance. It featured an independent front suspension with MacPherson struts and a rear suspension with a solid axle and air springs. The air suspension allowed the driver to adjust the ride height, enhancing comfort and handling characteristics. This adaptive suspension system was a notable feature, providing a smooth ride during cruising while firming up for spirited driving, showcasing the car’s versatility.

Inside the cabin, the 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC was a haven of luxury and technology. Plush leather upholstery, power-adjustable seats, and genuine wood trim adorned the interior, creating an ambiance of opulence. Technologically advanced features for the time included a premium sound system, automatic climate control, and a digital instrument cluster. The Mark VII LSC also featured keyless entry and an advanced electronic message center, providing drivers with essential information about the vehicle’s status.

Safety was a priority in the Mark VII LSC, and it incorporated several features to enhance occupant protection. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) were standard, providing improved control during hard braking. Additionally, the car featured driver and front passenger airbags, a notable advancement for the early ’90s, underscoring Lincoln’s commitment to safety.

The 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC stands out not only for its performance and luxury but also for its role in automotive history. It represents an era when American luxury cars were defined by their combination of style, comfort, and power. The Mark VII LSC holds a special place among enthusiasts for its timeless design and the embodiment of Lincoln’s commitment to crafting top-tier luxury vehicles.

The 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC is a classic luxury sport coupe that captivates with its elegant design, powerful performance, and advanced features. It remains a symbol of an era when American automakers were at the forefront of luxury and innovation, and its legacy lives on as a testament to the timeless appeal of meticulously crafted automobiles.

The MotorWeek Retro Review YouTube Channel provides this 1989 test drive and review of the then all-new Lincoln Mark VII LSC:

With only 10K original miles on the clock, this 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC is a 33-year-old new car.  We happen to love these Fox Body Lincolns, as they are the thinking man’s luxurious alternative to a 5.0L equipped Mustang of the same period. Interestingly, the seller photographed this car in what appeaars to be the same property as this 49K-mile 1986 Mercedes-Benz 560 SEL we’ve been tracking the sale of for one year and counting.

If you are serious about buying this Mark VII LSC, you can start the conversation by using the contact information provided by the seller in their Craigslist ad.  When you connect, please mention that you saw their Fox Body Lincoln survivor featured here on Good luck with the purchase!

Here’s the seller’s brief, uncapitalized description:

All I can say is who wants a new car with 10,000 original miles!!!! All original paint, original tires, and lots of paperwork. Must see to appreciate. There is none better. If you are looking for one, you found the best. Still smells new.”

Show or go: What would you do with this survivor-quality 10K original mile 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC for sale? Please comment below and let us know!

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  1. White 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC For Sale

    Yeah, that one was an obvious goof with BaT not reading the market well before setting the reserve on that one. But the real one to fault in that auction (and yes, I followed it and read all the comments) was the seller. I didn’t go back and review everything but I remember him being rather cocky and arrogant in his interactions with commenters during the auction. The car showed up a few other places after the auction – couldn’t find them in a quick search this morning – maybe it was Barn Finds. In any case, the car was still at “I know what I’ve got!” pricing and based on what I see now, it’s still for sale at that price.


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