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Different DeVille: 1994 Cadillac Concours 64K – NOW $4,900

Who among us has ever come across a classic car for sale that immediately took them back to when the car was brand new? This 1994 Cadillac DeVille Concours did that to me as my in-laws bought one when new. Compared to their 1990 Sedan DeVille, the white over blue leather color combination and the name was about the only thing these two Cadillacs had in common as the Concours was a radical departure from typical Cadillacs.

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BaT Blunder: 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC 10.3K Survivor – $28,895

If you subscribe to all of the hype about Bring a Trailer (“BaT”), much of the automotive press will have believing Bring a Trailer sells every lot if offers at auction.  That is hardly the case. As long as BaT does not convince a seller to list their ride at no reserve, there is a chance a car will not meet it’s reserve price.  While 2021 and 2022 were banner years for classic car sales, especially in online venues, the back-half of 2023 showed signs of slowing down. Lower selling prices were also the result.

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Red Rover: 1967 Rover P6 2000TC LHD 73K – Sold?

If you’re a longtime viewer of the British car show Wheeler Dealers, there’s a good chance you’ve learned about a lot of classic rides produced in Great Britain that were exported in very limited numbers to the U.S. One of those cars is Rover’s P6 Executive Saloon produced from 1963 through 1977.  First offered with four-cylinder power when launched in 1963, the PC later gained V8 power when Rover added the Buick-designed 3.5 Liter aluminum V8 for the 1968 model year under British Leyland ownership.

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