Craigslist “Classisfind” Theme Definitions

Rather than simply randomly listing rides found on Craigslist, six days each week we post cool finds based on the following daily themes:

  • Malaise Mondays – We start each week focusing on cars built between 1972 and 1984 when automobile manufacturers struggled to meet ever-increasing emissions, safety, and fuel economy standards utilizing the technology available at the time.
  • Truckin’ Tuesdays – Tuesdays we like to feature pick-ups, vans, and SUVs of all shapes, sizes, and powertrains.
  • Wagon Wednesdays – “Hump Day” is when we focus on posting classic station wagons that are all but extinct today on American roads.
  • Topless Thursdays – No, it’s not what you think: Thursdays we feature rides with open roofs.  While traditional convertibles dominate the day, we also sprinkle in cars equipped with Targa or T-Tops.
  • Free-For-All Fridays – We reserve the end of the end to feature interesting rides that do not fit into any of our other daily themes.  Consequently, anything goes!
  • Sports Car Saturdays – To start the weekend right, we feature classic two-seat, open-top sports cars that are perfect for carving up your favorite country road on an early weekend morning.
  • Sundays – six days of curating, writing, and posting cool rides takes its toll, so this is our day of rest!