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A message from Rudy Samsel, Co-Founder of

Its becoming clearer by the day nationwide social distancing will extend well into Spring 2020. Each day, if we don’t hear about someone contracting coronavirus, we learn of friends’ and relatives’ employment being negatively impacted. This will be a tough summer for all and unfortunately, many of us may need to sell a collector car to make ends meet.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s unconscionable to us how any existing collector car auction house (whether online or traditional ones suddenly dabbling on the internet) can continue to charge five percent or more for the privilege to sell your beloved collector car.  We’ve been busy building over the past year as a dealer-free community for the average collector car enthusiast to change all of that, and as of right now, we are.

If you have a collector car to sell, consider doing it here on  In exchange for listing it exclusively on our website, we do not charge any listing fees, seller’s, nor buyer’s premiums.  Not even Craigslist can say that.  If your car sells on GwR, you’re happy with the experience, and feel you want to contribute back to our site you’re free to do so, but we won’t mandate it.  If nothing more, please help spread the word about our website to your fellow car enthusiasts.

We’re in this together and we’re here to help.  Please stay safe.


We encourage you to view both our current Reserved Parking Offerings and Past Sales to see the quality of our work.  If you’d like to submit your collector car, start the application here.  Have additional questions?  Please e-mail us or better yet, feel free to call Rudy directly at (908) 295-7330.