Pricing and Payment Terms

Effective July 1, 2022 Pricing and Payment Terms

We aim to offer simple, low fees as Lower Fees = More Buying Power

Sellers only pay if their vehicle sells during the 14-day Auction Period based on the following:

  • Vehicles valued with a reserve price at or less than $10,000 – $49
  • Vehicles valued with a reserve price over $10,000 – $99
  • Sellers who provide proof their ride was declined by a competitive website (e.g. Bring A Trailer), and we agree to list their car at auction – NO CHARGE.

Sellers pay for mandatory Pre-Purchase Inspection* (“PPI”) only if the vehicle does not sell during the 14-Day Auction period and they elect to use the PPI to sell their vehicle elsewhere.

Buyers pay 4.0% of the hammer price (i.e., the highest offer amount), subject to a $400 minimum and $4,000 maximum. The Buyer fee applies whether a car sells at auction or afterward on the Rides Still Available page.

The Guys With Rides Auction Listing:

Day 1 through Day 14 (Exclusive Listing): the Seller’s vehicle participates in an online auction. Potential Buyers will register and submit their bids.

If a bid meets or exceeds the vehicle’s Reserve by the end of the 14-day auction period:

  • The Seller pays only the appropriate fee as stated above (and the Pre-Purchase Inspection is free).
  • The Winning Buyer pays 4.0% of the hammer price.‡ The minimum Buyer fee is $400, and the maximum Buyer fee is $4,000.
  • If the vehicle does not sell during the 14 Day Auction period, the Seller is not charged any listing fee.

Day 15 Until Sold: if Seller’s vehicle does not sell during the Auction Period, the Seller is not charged, and Seller is free to either continue offering their car on the Site’s “Cars Still Available” page or market their collector car elsewhere. If a Seller chooses to keep their car listed on GuysWithRides, we will:

  • Change the price posted from auction to the previously agreed to Reserve price, a higher price, or a lower price consistent with the offers received; however, we will only post a price lower than the Reserve with the Seller’s prior permission.
  • Revise the listing to include the Seller’s contact information.
  • Not charge either the Seller or the Buyer for this service.

If the Seller no longer wants their vehicle marketed on GuysWithRides, the Company may move the listing to the site’s “Did Not Sell” page with no contact information listed.

* Pre-purchase inspections (“PPI”) are performed by and/or its affiliates. Sellers can instead provide GuysWithRides with their own recent PPI report from a similarly recognized and reputable inspection source; however, GuysWithRides maintains full discretion to determine if an alternate PPI source meets our standards.

‡ Note, Buyers are also responsible for all applicable taxes, transportation fees, insurance, title, and other fees associated with a vehicle transfer to the Winning Buyer. GuysWithRides does not collect or facilitate any of these ancillary fees.