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A note from our Co-Founder, Rudy Samsel:

Dear GuysWithRides.com Website Guests,

We’re sorry, but we currently don’t have any live auctions. If you are new to GuysWithRides, you should not take that as a bad sign!

As the only dealer-free website for classic car enthusiasts, we’ve noticed a significant downturn in private parties interested in selling their classic cars in an online auction format so far in 2024. This is likely either a reflection of the economy, high interest rates, or falling classic car prices, or a combination of all three.

This appears to be an industry-wide phenomenon as many of our competitors that allow dealer and private party auctions are now forced to offer almost dealer-sourced classic cars.

Would we like to offer more classic cars for sale? Of course we would!

However, GuysWithRides will never compromise our promise to be a dealer-free marketplace for classic and collector car enthusiasts.  We would rather not offer any car auctions than be forced to take on dealer- or broker-sourced classic cars to auction.

As soon as consumer confidence rebounds and interest in having us offer quality classic cars to auction, they will be posted on this page.  Until then, please enjoy all of the great Classic Car related content we provide six days each week.



Classic, Muscle, and Sports Cars For Sale

Rudy Samsel



We hope to have more dealer-free auctions very soon. We encourage you to call Rudy at (877) 468-6497 if you have any questions or if you have an interesting classic car you would like to offer on GuysWithRides.com

Classic, Muscle, and Sports Cars For Sale

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