Guys With Rides Is Not Only About Buying and Selling. We Offer a Wide Variety of Stuff.

Risky Business is our 1985 Porsche 928S project bought sight unseen for $4,000 in October. Follow Rudy and in his quest to get this one-great super car back to road-ready form before Spring.

Guess What Ride is our popular game designed to test your collector car knowledge and possibly win a prize. We will have a new round the first week of January. Stay Tuned!

Upcoming Events provides a look at what shows the GuysWithRides Team plans to attend. We’re hopeful 2021 will see the return of many great events!

Did You Know? is the section where we post classic car history lessons and other informative content we believe fellow car enthusiasts will find interesting. We’re always open to new ideas.

Why “Guys?” We often get asked this question. The term remains a plural, gender-neutral pronoun we believe is all-inclusive.  This book explains the interesting origins of its use.

Why “Guys?”

“Guys” is a plural, gender-neutral pronoun that applies to everyone!

Photo Tips. When selling any ride online, providing great pictures are critical to encouraging potential buyers to look.  Our posts on how to take great pictures will help your photos look like a pro’s.

Guys With Parts is our free listing service for both Parts Wanted and For Sale. Just fill out the form with the details and we will add it to the page.  What do you have and what do you need?